New Music: "Tears In My Head" by LeonelleDanielle Cheesman

In explaining the title of her song, the New York-born, Ohio-raised, and Los Angeles-based singer Leonelle actually gives away what makes it sound so damn catchy, too. "I loved how 'tears in my head' felt and how ironic it sounded, so I went with it. Life isn't always a happy straight line. It ebbs and flows"—and so do her vocals. Backed by sunny, reggae-inspired strokes and strums, she seamlessly transitions from airy falsetto to soulful declarations to create a wavy groove: "I'm so lonely / But when I'm with you / I get to play it cool / Like everything's all good / With tears in my head / ... / A smile on my face / A gun on my waist." Add an "Umbrella"-esque echo on the post-chorus and you've got an earworm. Stay for the synthesized funky breakdown and you've got a hit.