New Music: "Seventeen" by No RomeDanielle Cheesman

No Rome isn't 17, he's 22, so he's not so much experiencing a teenage love on this track as he is reminiscing about one and its simplicity. Over slow and steady electro piano plods, choral harmonies, hand claps, ticking, a heartbeat-like thump, zippy synths, and pitch-shifted vocals, No Rome details a feeling we know all too well: "We were only seventeen / You were lying next to me / I just wanted you to know / I was young and in control / Everything was easier / Never knew what feelings were / Used to be this make-believer / Now I'm faded and I'm calling."

New Music: "What Is Love" feat. SZA by KingdomDanielle Cheesman

An apt question to ask on Valentine's Day, SZA ruminates over Kingdom's beat of skittering drums and rowdy background yelps that, somehow, never seem to overshadow SZA's sultry honesty: "There's been lots of conversation about you and me / But the way that we see things and you don't agree / The tip of a bee sting is how you love me / I've been whipping high and low for a little picket fence in my peace / Sometimes I wonder, who comes to rescue me."