New Music: “Scrub” by PnB Rock PnB RockKC Orcutt

PnB is gearing up to drop his Catch These Vibes album, with the project set to arrive next Friday (Nov. 17).

To help build momentum leading up to the new project, the Philadelphia artist has dropped off a new single, “Scrub,” with the track following up the previously released “Feelins” and the Russ-assisted “Issues.”

The Remy-produced track features PnB Rock exploring the relatable feeling of how being in contact with an ex can make it that much harder to move on, singing about the topic while addressing a girl going through exactly that.

“You should change the number to your old phone / Tell your ex, n—a leave you alone / He stuck in the past, he ain't got no cash / I swear that's just bad for you,” PnB Rock croons.

Take a listen to “Scrub” and keep an eye out for PnB Rock’s new albumCatch These Vibes.

New Music: “Good to Great” by Wale WaleKC Orcutt

Wale’s new song title, “Good to Great,” pretty much sums up a mantra everyone could benefit from applying to their own life. Or use as words of encouragement to support loved ones.

The track, which was produced by JujuInPerson, has Wale taking an interesting route lyrically, singing about the goal of growing both individually and alongside an intelligent partner.

“That's how I feel about 'Good to Great,' it's just a vibe song,” he shared with Genius. “Something for girls to escape -- maybe when they're at work, they want to hear it at their desk or their cubicle, their office, or whatever. It's a fantasy -- Cinderella."

Take a listen to the introspective, feel-good tune above.