New Music: "Ignore" by Abhi//DijonDanielle Cheesman

This is the smoothest that pettiness has ever sounded. As my first introduction to Abhi//Dijon, I'm won over by the brief but vitriolic modern-day message this song basically is over warm electro keys and percussion: "I can't believe that you go out, baby / I can't believe you gon' walk out on me / So next time when you callin,' I'm gon' push 'ignore' on my phone / I don't even wanna hear your side of things, girl; I'm gone / If you believe that we can patch it up, you're wrong / I should have crept with your homegirl or your sister / So next time that you callin,' I'm gon' hang up on you like that / I just wish that I could, I just know I take it all back."