New Music: "FWM (Lie To Me)" by LeafDanielle Cheesman

NSFW After threatening, challenging, and calling the bluff of her haters on "Nada" and showing love to hustlers and breadwinners on "Plate," Leaf shows her softer side with a sing-songy, albeit heavily Auto-Tuned, tropical-tinged track. Don't get it twisted though; she's still making demands. The acronymed titled refers to her repeated request for her partner to put their money where their mouth is: "How can I trust anything you say / When you do the same thing everyday / But anyways / 'Cause if you really f—k with me the way you say you f—k with me then f—k with me the way you say you f—k with me."

New Music: "Young Hearts" by NoMBeDanielle Cheesman

As he's been known to do, NoMBe continues to blend different tones, melodies, and genres seamlessly on "Young Hearts." He's dreamy and delicate over guitar plucks at first, before playful pings bounce about, and then electric strumming that would make Miguel proud enters. Even with lyrics as heavy as these—"Is there something that you need to have? / If it's indispensable, something I can get arrested for / You got it / Shorty say the word, hell and bloody murder / Ain't no mountain high, and hurdles are unheard of / You're worth it"—the track never sounds overwrought.