New Music: "Church / Liquor Store" by SABA feat. NonameDanielle Cheesman

After receiving co-signs in the form of guest appearances on Chance the Rapper's own material, fellow Chicagoans and lyricists SABA and Noname join forces to detail life in their hometown, flaws and all. Over a warm, jazzy beat of finger snaps, electronic keys, and choral harmonies, SABA's words read like a walk through the city's streets: "It look like funeral home, church, church, liquor store / Corner store, dread-head, dead leg, get told / 10-4, 10-4, from Cicero to Central / Was told, let it go, didn't know, we hit them / Yeah, that's church, barber shop, bottle I, got / From the liquor store, on Cicero, I ain't 21 but he didn't know."