New Music: "In Between" by 6LACK ft. BANKS Danielle Cheesman

Less than a week after 6LACK announced that he'd be postponing his European tour to both focus on his "next project" and "actually feel what it's like to be a dad," the singer has re-released his debut album FREE 6LACK and has added three bonus tracks to celebrate its one-year anniversary, one of which is this collaboration with BANKS. (Another features T-Pain.) Over a haunting beat, the two alternate going solo and harmonizing as they hypnotically detail a relationship that's living a lie: "Friends claim they wanting what we got / But little do they know, it ain't sweeter / Forgetting all the friction when we high / A little smoke will make you a believer / I've always tried to say / That every something fades / I'm livin' in-between / Already tried to leave..."

New Music: "bitches broken hearts" by Billie Eilish Danielle Cheesman

When we spoke to Billie Eilish last month, we discussed making commiserating music, songwriting in-character, self-love and insecurities, and the emphatic "alternative trap" sound she developed on her debut, don't smile at me. On "bitches broken hearts," her first output since the EP's release, Eilish fine-tunes the trademark relatability that has made her a new individualistic and inarguable force in music. Over a slow and simmering beat comprised of enveloping electronic keys, pitch-shifted echoes, brassy percussive ticks, and interrupting excerpts of a noisy crowd, Eilish tells a tale of unrequited love but, true to form, she's the one who's being pined after: "You can pretend you don't miss me / You can pretend you don't care / All you wanna do is kiss me / Oh, what a shame I'm not there / What is it you want? / You can lie, but I know that you're not fine / Every time you talk / It's all about me, but you swear I'm not on your mind."