New Music: "Before You Know It" by The TrpDanielle Cheesman

Here's what we know about The Trp (pronounced "trip") who have chosen to stay mysteriously anonymous. According to The FADER, the trio hails from London and New York. Billboard reports that they dropped the "i" from their name "to symbolize the absence of the ego." Their rework of Frank Ocean's "Nights" is a necessity. If you hit their SoundCloud page, you'll see they've tagged a few of their songs #surreal rnb or #psychedelic rnb. But if you Google them, you'll see they describe their sound as "a mix of exotic hip hop, tropical post-electro & alternative rock music." Got all that? Good. This brings us to the release of "Before You Know It." Over a looped beat comprised of a knock, snap, and some digitized outbursts, the lead vocalist mocks an ex-lover—in a deeper register for the first verse and then an impressive falsetto on the second—in just eight lines: "Before you know it, you've lost your chance, girl / Before you know it, you're out of my plans / Before you know it, you've lost your chance, girl / Before you know it, I've slipped through your hands / You think I care if you do move on / You think I care, convinced I'd cry / You think I care if you do move on, no / Why would I care? I've made up my mind, bye." Ouch.

New Music: "All" by THEY.Dana Jeter

THEY. bringing that old thing back. To follow-up Tuesday's release of "Silence," THEY. dropped "All" last night via Beats 1 Radio. "The song has a lot of Jodeci influence in it," Dante said in a snippet of the duo's interview with Ebro. Speaking on relationships, he said, "It's not even cool to talk about...people are afraid to speak on it...I've been in a relationship for a minute, so it was important for me to do this." Ladies, we all know that it's very rare to have a guy to "cry for youuu" but THEY. are taking away all your worries with "All." Definitely a banger or, in the words of Ebro, “HARDDDD."

New Music: "Why Me" by ProhaizeSabina Palmieri

Born in Ghana and now based in ATL, artist Prohaize draws inspiration from his multinational upbringing to create his music. His latest offer, "Why Me," is all about keeping your chin up and looking forward to better days during a rough patch: "I just pray for better days, I just pray for that, working hard for better pay, working hard for that."

New Music: "Skyline" by FKJSabina Palmieri

Following up with his last release "Go Back Home," French producer and multi-instrumentalist FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) brings us some refreshing, chill vibes in "Skyline." Another solid track that leaves us quite excited for his forthcoming debut album ‘French Kiwi Juice,’ which arrives March 3rd.

New Music: "Economics" (feat. QARI) by Dally AustonSabina Palmieri

Following his '99¢' project, Chicago's Dally Auston teams up with and QARI for a new track "Economics." You may have this hard-hitting, wavy vibe set on repeat.

New Music: "Sister" by MacntajErin Ashley Simon

Seattle's own Macntaj returns with a new single called "Sister" after dropping his previous singles, "Carnage" and "Deception." Macntaj makes sure no two songs sound alike as he switches up production styles and flows every time out.

New Music: "Silence" by THEY.Sabina Palmieri

As we eagerly await the release of THEY.'s debut 14-track album 'Nu Religion: Hyena' set to drop this Friday (February 24), the R&B duo will be offering 4 new tracks as part of #THEYWEEK in preparation for the big drop. Today we've been given "Silence," a dreamy, soulful song that sheds light on their versatility and effortless genre-blending abilities. In their press release, the new single is described with the following: "The slow-burner is based on that crucial, vulnerable moment after coitus and exemplifies the duo's penchant for pop-friendly songwriting colored by R&B arrangements, a hip-hop attitude, and rock instrumentation." You won't be disappointed with this one.

New Music: "Dark Red" by Steve LacySabina Palmieri

As The Internet’s guitarist Steve Lacy prepares to drop his debut project 'Steve Lacy's Demo' this week (February 24), fans get a glimpse of what to expect with the release of a new track titled 'Dark Red.' Pleading for his girl not to leave, Lacy sings: "I just hope she don't wanna leave me, don't you give me up, please don't give up, only I belong with you, and only you, baby."

New Music: "Nothing Burns Like The Cold" (feat. Vince Staples) by Snoh AalegraSabina Palmieri

Swedish songstress Snoh Aalegra teams with Vince Staples for her latest effort "Nothing Burns Like The Cold," a song confronting difficulties in an unstable relationship: "You say let it breathe, But this pain in my heart can't let it be, We both can't agree, Then tell me what is the point of…"

New Music: "Purple Brick Road" feat. G-Eazy by RaekwonRob Hansen

Back in 2009, the Wu-Tang Clan’s resident cuisine specialist sampled Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” for his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II closeout “Kiss the Ring.” Now, eight years and three albums later, Raekwon is opting for a purple-paved road and has called upon Bay Area native G-Eazy to help him out. With production handled by sonic superheroes J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Rae spends a couple of verses reflecting on his multi-decade success and what it has brought him, while Eazy speaks on his own dark-clouded fortune.