New Music: "Flaunt" by TY SENØJ TY SENØJSabina Palmieri

Toronto's Ty Senoj finally shared his highly anticipated debut album MetroSexual this past weekend (November 19), which shows great promise for the rising artist. The seven-track project displays his unique and various styles, with highlight tracks including "Metroflexual," "Flaunt," "Bag Dad," and "Drones and Dome." Check out "Flaunt" if you're looking for a high-energy, party-worthy banger.

New Music: “Hold On” by Rent Money feat. Yonatan Watts Rent MoneyKC Orcutt

Little Rock, AR native Rent Money has been building an organic following through word of mouth and live performance experiences in New York City, with his new song impressively and curiously marking his first formal release.

Rent Money, the descendant of New York Times bestselling author Alex Haley (Roots, Malcolm X), is dedicated to keeping up his bloodline’s tradition of being a top-tier wordsmith, with his latest song, “Hold On,” showcasing his polished songwriting abilities as he crafts an introspective earworm and weaves between rapping and subtle crooning.

The melodic track, which was engineered by Dave Kutch (JAY-Z, 4:44, The Weeknd, Starboy, Beyoncé, Lemonade), marks a strong first entry to his catalog, with Toronto songwriter and producer Yonatan Watts lending his talents as well. Rent Money is currently gearing up to release his currently untitled debut EP.

Get a taste for the musical stylings of Rent Money above.

New Music: “How It Feel” by Dej Loaf Dej LoafKC Orcutt

Atlanta heavyweight producer Zaytoven released his latest mixtape this past week, with the project only featuring female artists on it.

The mixtape, Zaytown Sorority Class Of 2017, which includes contributions from artists such as Trina, Josefine Hernandez, Kash Dall and more, was entirely produced by Zaytoven, with Dej Loaf making an appearance with her solo track, “How It Feel.”

The track is equal parts melodic and catchy, making for another solid addition to the Detroit rapper’s ever-growing discography.

Check it out above.

New Music: "Ain't No Nigga (East Mix)" by Dave East ft. Ms. Hustle by Dave EastDanielle Cheesman

As fans await the release of a true debut album from Dave East, following last year's Kairi Chanel mixtape and this year's Paranoia: A True Story EP, the Harlem-bred rapper has shared a rework of fellow New Yorker JAY-Z's 1996 classic, "Ain't No Nigga." Featuring the original track's instantly recognizable bubbly, bouncy, and bass-driven beat, East name-checks his jeweler, Range Rover, Chanel bags, chinchilla coat, chains, and mansion life, and also borrows (but flips) JAY's flow: "I'm never checking for the next chick / No need / For me to ever get domestic / I be / Smoking trees up in the Westin / We breeze / 96 Street be the exit."

New Music: "bitches broken hearts" by Billie Eilish Danielle Cheesman

When we spoke to Billie Eilish last month, we discussed making commiserating music, songwriting in-character, self-love and insecurities, and the emphatic "alternative trap" sound she developed on her debut, don't smile at me. On "bitches broken hearts," her first output since the EP's release, Eilish fine-tunes the trademark relatability that has made her a new individualistic and inarguable force in music. Over a slow and simmering beat comprised of enveloping electronic keys, pitch-shifted echoes, brassy percussive ticks, and interrupting excerpts of a noisy crowd, Eilish tells a tale of unrequited love but, true to form, she's the one who's being pined after: "You can pretend you don't miss me / You can pretend you don't care / All you wanna do is kiss me / Oh, what a shame I'm not there / What is it you want? / You can lie, but I know that you're not fine / Every time you talk / It's all about me, but you swear I'm not on your mind."

New Music: "In Between" by 6LACK ft. BANKS Danielle Cheesman

Less than a week after 6LACK announced that he'd be postponing his European tour to both focus on his "next project" and "actually feel what it's like to be a dad," the singer has re-released his debut album FREE 6LACK and has added three bonus tracks to celebrate its one-year anniversary, one of which is this collaboration with BANKS. (Another features T-Pain.) Over a haunting beat, the two alternate going solo and harmonizing as they hypnotically detail a relationship that's living a lie: "Friends claim they wanting what we got / But little do they know, it ain't sweeter / Forgetting all the friction when we high / A little smoke will make you a believer / I've always tried to say / That every something fades / I'm livin' in-between / Already tried to leave..."

New Music: “Don’t Try Me” by Dave East feat. Lil Uzi Vert Dave EastKC Orcutt

Dave East is becoming a pro at keeping his fans on their feet.

Most recently, the Harlem rapper has linked up with Lil Uzi Vert, with the pair seemingly an unlikely collaboration, given their own respective and contrasting sounds.

However, on their new track, “Don’t Try Me,” the two complement each other, with Lil Uzi’s rhyme-singing approach pairing well with East’s more straightforward bars.

According to reports, the track is set to appear on East’s forthcoming mixtape, with more details yet to be confirmed or announced.

Check out Dave East mixing it up alongside Lil Uzi Vert above.

New Music: “Good to Great” by Wale WaleKC Orcutt

Wale’s new song title, “Good to Great,” pretty much sums up a mantra everyone could benefit from applying to their own life. Or use as words of encouragement to support loved ones.

The track, which was produced by JujuInPerson, has Wale taking an interesting route lyrically, singing about the goal of growing both individually and alongside an intelligent partner.

“That's how I feel about 'Good to Great,' it's just a vibe song,” he shared with Genius. “Something for girls to escape -- maybe when they're at work, they want to hear it at their desk or their cubicle, their office, or whatever. It's a fantasy -- Cinderella."

Take a listen to the introspective, feel-good tune above.

New Music: "BACARDI" by ABRA by ABRADanielle Cheesman

Like last-year's "Crybaby," ABRA's got another lo-fi bop that borrows from freestyle music's frantic nature. Blending the verses of Jagged Edge's "Where The Party At" and the chorus of Lumidee's "Never Leave You," the Awful Records signee shows love to early 2000s, but she's stripped the tracks of their sheen and, per her "Darkwave Duchess" nickname, has backed them with a moody beat. According to the singer, its inspiration? "LETS GET BACK TO HAVIN FUN WITH OUR ART XOXO."

New Music: “Scrub” by PnB Rock PnB RockKC Orcutt

PnB is gearing up to drop his Catch These Vibes album, with the project set to arrive next Friday (Nov. 17).

To help build momentum leading up to the new project, the Philadelphia artist has dropped off a new single, “Scrub,” with the track following up the previously released “Feelins” and the Russ-assisted “Issues.”

The Remy-produced track features PnB Rock exploring the relatable feeling of how being in contact with an ex can make it that much harder to move on, singing about the topic while addressing a girl going through exactly that.

“You should change the number to your old phone / Tell your ex, n—a leave you alone / He stuck in the past, he ain't got no cash / I swear that's just bad for you,” PnB Rock croons.

Take a listen to “Scrub” and keep an eye out for PnB Rock’s new albumCatch These Vibes.