New Music: "Right Now (remix)" feat. Gucci Mane by Evander GriiimErin Ashley Simon

Promising artist Evander Griiim is leading the new wave for young millennial artists with the assistance of Gucci Mane for the "Right Now" remix. If you are looking for a new banger, look no further.

New Music: "On + Off" by Maggie RogersDanielle Cheesman

It's fair to say that we only first heard of Maggie Rogers because of Pharrell; she was the student that nearly brought him to tears during his Masterclass session at NYU with her self-penned and co-produced "Alaska." But now that she's followed it up with "# (demo)" and "Dog Years," it's safe to say that she's lived up to the hype and is more than a viral moment. Third single "On + Off," from her upcoming five-track EP Now That The Light Is Fading, is more of the folksy electro-pop she's seemed to master. Key chords lob back and forth, a quick guitar strum keeps the tempo, manic and thudding percussion back her falsetto. And it's all, as is now her standard, impossibly feel-good without seeming forced. 'Now That The Light Is Fading' is due February 17.

New Music: "2 Minute" by Kodie ShaneErin Ashley Simon

After releasing 'Zero Gravity,' Kodie Shane leaves no idle time in between projects with the release of 'Big Trouble Little Jupiter.' With production work from Matty P, D.Clax, Childish Major and Stonii tha Mellow God, Shane displays an array of vibes, ranging from good ones in "Your Side," to somber feelings in "2 Minute."

New Music: "High for Hours" by J. ColeDanielle Cheesman

Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion on everything from politics to pop culture, J. Cole has returned, shortly after releasing 4 Your Eyez Only, to ruminate on slavery, ISIS, police brutality, power, revolutions, corruption, oppression, and, most notably, a conversation with President Obama that he (likely) had when visiting the White House back in April. Over a minimal soul beat produced by Elite and Cam O'bi, Cole spits with vivid detail:

Raised my hand and asked a man a question / Does he see the struggle of his brothers in oppression? / And if so, if you got all the power in the clout / As the President, what's keepin' you from helpin' niggas out? / Well, I didn't say "nigga," but you catch my drift / He looked me in my eyes and spoke and he was rather swift / He broke the issues down and showed me he was well-aware / I got the vibe he was sincere and that the brother cared / But dawg, you in the chair, what's the hold up? / He said, "There's things that I wanna fix / But you know this shit, nigga: politics / Don't stop fightin' and don't stop believin' / You can make the world better for your kids before you leave it."

New Music: "Wait" by NoMBeSabina Palmieri

After a year hiatus, NoMBe is back with a new single “Wait” off his upcoming debut album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me.”

In a message to his fans, NoMBe provides more detail on the upcoming project, stating:

"There’s no better way for me to sum up the relationships I’ve built with women throughout my life. Built, but also, at times, selfishly tore apart and desperately tried to rebuild. Safe to say, love can make you crazy, like a jukebox that gets stuck on that one note you don’t want to hear again, but gets drilled right into your head and under your skin.

On the other hand, love is the lifeblood that flows through all of us, and therefore, it’s no surprise that most music is, and always has been, a reinterpretation of one’s experiences with love.”

New Music: "Roller Coaster" by Dirty Audio & Max StylerErin Ashley Simon

Dirty Audio and Max Styler have collaborated on a thrilling new track, "Roller Coaster." The track functions much like its name, starts off with a relaxed ride, then crashes into a futuristic drop.

New Music: "Diva" by Malcolm Anthony & Terry MakErin Ashley Simon

New Jersey artists Malcolm Anthony and Terry Mak released their brand new EP called 'Cuffin SZN.' And in the EP, both artists tap into their individual musical versatility, especially when it comes to their stand out track "Diva." Leaving a message for all of the ladies out there.

New Music: "Like The Plug" by Trey ForeverErin Ashley Simon

Rising artist Trey Forever is like "DJ Khaled with the keys" in his latest single "Like The Plug." The Beat Boyz Music-produced song showcases a driven, steadfast side of Trey, one that will help him continue to reach his music goals.

New Music: "Go Back Home" by FKJSabina Palmieri

It has been a while, but Parisian producer FKJ (short for French Kiwi Juice) is back with an electronic gem to wrap up the music week and kick off your weekend right. This one was definitely worth the wait.

New Music: "U-RITE" by THEY.Dana Jeter

"Said that she feeling my aura / but never been wit' a nigga from Aurora." #HYENAseason is definitely upon us! And to welcome it, the Denver/D.C.-bred duo THEY. has hit us with the sarcastic-ass track, "U-Rite," the first official single from their February debut Nü Religion: Hyena. Opening with a blaring siren (reminiscent of Queen Bey's "Ring The Alarm") that pairs nicely with the track's distinct drum patterns, "U-Rite" assists in solidifying THEY.'s grunge'n'b sound. On making the single, Drew said, “We were sitting in the studio basically done with the album and Dante was going through sounds and I heard that siren. I knew we could turn that into a record." The new drop arrives with the launch of THEY.'s new merch that features their amorphous moniker.