New Music: "Ms. Communication" feat. Sun by Da-P & theMINDErin Ashley Simon

Da-P and theMIND together deliver a funktastic single with "Ms. Communication." The song touches on miscommunication and how it causes confusion in relationships. Although a relatable concept, it is pretty ironic how the beat itself isn't as complicated.

New Music: "Fluffy Pink Lights" by Just ReseSabina Palmieri

Last month Oakland artist Just Rese was featured in our April playlist for The Drop. Now he's back with a future bounce style track titled "Fluffy Pink Lights," in which he speaks on a relationship that went sour and fell apart: "To much time has gone into this, we can't settle our differences...I could try harder, you took my honor and threw up on it."

New Music: "Ease Up (Remix)" feat. Jim Jones by DramaErin Ashley Simon

Upcoming North Philadelphia artist Drama recently linked up with Jim Jones for the remix of "Ease Up." And I know this may sound cliche, but he really isn't slowing down any time soon. And especially considering he already hit the road with Lil Uzi Vert on his Parental Advisory Tour. No brakes needed.

New Music: "Unravel Me" by Sabrina ClaudioSabina Palmieri

Miami-born and Los Angeles-based songstress Sabrina Claudio shares her latest, sultry single "Unravel Me," in which sings about her dwindling connection with a lover: "It's something about the season that we're in, that's making me think that we're not supposed to do this, I know that you're trying to understand but you can't, 'cause I keep on making excuses about the fall, the rise."

New Music: "Unwind" by healySabina Palmieri

Memphis artist healy shares his first track from his upcoming project 'Subluxe,' slated to drop June 9. "Unwind" is that track you sit back and vibe to when you're in need of some rest and relaxation: "I've been working all week no lie, can't sleep and I don't know why, and I don't know why, I'm just trying to unwind."

New Music: "Water" Joe GiftedDev T. Smith

Joe Gifted has Atlanta on FIRE with his latest single. Water is a feel good track ready for anything from a car ride to a night in the hottest club in your city.

New Music: "Take Off" Mathaius YoungJames Tucker

Take Off is the first single off Mathaius Young's softmore project Take The Night Away. At 20 years old, the Indiana-based rapper/producer has already developed his own unique style of dark, atmospheric hip-hop. In true SoundCloud-Rapper form, the beat for Take Off was produced on a laptop while catching up with a friend, and the hook was recorded as a voice memo in his phone to be refined later. Take The Night Away drops May 26th, in the meantime you can follow Mathaius Young on SoundCloud and Instagram.

New Music: "Teardrops In A Hurricane" by Jordan MackampaSabina Palmieri

Soulful, singer-songwriter Jordan Mackampa has been capturing attention since the release of his debut EP Physics last year. Now the Coventry-based (UK) artist has returned with a 4-track EP titled Tales From The Broken. In his noteworthy song “Teardrops In A Hurricane,” Mackampa offers folk-like melodies, gently warming your spirit with his mesmerizing vocals. If you’re looking for something refreshing and on the acoustic side, this is the track to turn to.

New Music: "People Like Me" feat. Ayo Jay by LIANA BANK$William E. Ketchum III

On "People Like Me," Liana Bank$ lays airy, anti-commitment vocals over a backdrop of steel drums by producer Yobo. Guest Ayo Jay tries to woo her to convince her differently, but the Queens native isn't having it. With her lyrics dedicated to the single life and a breezy instrumental, the song is the perfect anthem for summer flings. With "Ghost" preceding it, "People Like Me" is the latest from the Queens native's upcoming project, Apt. 210.


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