New Music: "This City" by Adrian DanielSabina Palmieri

In his latest offering, Brooklyn-bred artist Adrian Daniel writes a love song for his captivating yet flawed city. If you're looking for a soulful serenade, you'll want to check this one out. Once you take a listen, you'll hear why Adrian's soul-piercing falsetto has been compared to the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean.

New Music: "Prettiest" by Ro Ransom feat. Jazz CartierSabina Palmieri

As New York emerging singer/rapper Ro Ransom approaches the release of his upcoming project Momentum, he teams up with Toronto's Jazz Cartier for his latest track "Prettiest." Ro's smooth vocals mesh seamlessly with Cartier's bold bars as the two exchange lines about their lavish lifestyle.

New Music: "Crying Upside Down" by James FauntleroySabina Palmieri

Although quite somber, James Fauntleroy's latest track "Crying Upside Down" can be rather smoothing. Singing about the healing powers of weed, Fauntleroy shares how a little smoke can uplift him from a state of sadness: "When I smoke, the tears go, frowning and crying upside down."

New Music: "Do Whatchu Want To Me" by NoMBeSabina Palmieri

The summery, sun-kissed vibes on NoMBe's latest release "Do Whatchu Want To Me" is nothing like we've heard before. The Berlin-born, LA-based artist continues to impress with his diverse style, giving listeners an unique sound with each single he has released since the start of the year. Immerse yourself in the free-flowing, shimmery sounds of his newest track if you're looking for that perfect summer jam.

New Music: "DANCING" by bLAck pARtySabina Palmieri

bLAck pARty first caught our attention back in November 2016 when he released his debut EP MANGO. Now the Little Rock, Arkansas native is back with a new tropical funk track called "DANCING," where he sings about wanting to dance with a special someone he's had his eye on: "Can I talk to you, girl I see you right here dancing with your crew, it was your smile that brought me here to you, or maybe it's the way you did your moves."

New Music: "N64" by Derin FalanaSabina Palmieri

In his latest offering, Ontario rapper Falana gives us more heat as he pays homage to the much loved video game console Nintendo 64: "I do this for real man this shit not a video game, I just want to point this is not for material gain, see at any time you know me I can go super smash, I take what I can and the rest it get thrown in the trash."

New Music: "Heavenly Father" by WALĐOSabina Palmieri

Heavy thoughts weigh on Michigan-based emcee WALDO in his latest track "Heavenly Father." He has a lot to get off his chest as he speaks to God about life lessons he has learned along the way: "Heavenly father, where do I start? With so many things to get off my chest, speak to my heart."

New Music: "Yours" by Leven KaliSabina Palmieri

As west coast RnB singer, songwriter, and producer Leven Kali prepares for his summer EP release, he shares the sultry, funk-laced single "Yours." Starting off slow, the track transitions into a more upbeat tempo mid-track as Kali raps: "I ain't got no plans, got no shit today, we can take our time, babe."

New Music: "Move Too Fast" by Iman Omari (feat. Anna Wise)Sabina Palmieri

Iman Omari offers his first single off his long-awaited IHY LP, arriving later this summer. After taking a few years off to focus on production & beat tapes, Omari is back on the mic alongside Anna Wise (To Pimp A Butterfly singer-songwriter) over a J.LBS (Isaiah Rashad, SiR) production.

New Music: "Sky Doesn't Blue" by SaroSabina Palmieri

Saro's latest share "Sky Doesn't Blue" is the first single off his upcoming sophomore project. The melancholy, emotion-driven track features Saro singing about how colors change over time and things seem to be different as everyone gets older.