New Music: "Fool" by REFSSabina Palmieri

Exciting up and coming artist REFS (otherwise known as Zachary Lipkins) shares a sparkling, electronic pop number "Fool," featuring the gorgeous vocal tones of Richard Saunders. Speaking more on the track, REFS states: "'Fool' is the heir to 'Pain Goes Away' – it's that two way street of being in a relationship, both sides of the coin, the with and the without."

If you're ready to get in your feels, keep an eye out for REFS' trio of EPs that he will be releasing this year - each focusing on the various phases of dealing with an ending relationship.

New Music: "Lately" MFnMelo ft. Saba & DinnerWithJohnSabina Palmieri

Pivot Gang's MFnMelo shares a new track "Lately" with a release date for his forthcoming debut album Melodramatics, which is slated to drop October 2. Joined by Saba (who produced the song and contributes the third verse) and fallen member DinnerWithJohn (aka John Walt), MFnMelo recognizes the challenges of today while also seeking better times ahead.

New Music: "Truth" by Moods ft. Beau NoxSabina Palmieri

Dutch producer Moods shares the first single from his forthcoming debut album title "Truth." If you're looking for Anderson .Paak-like sounds, turn to this Beau Nox assisted track for all the sultry, R&B vibes.

New Music: "Always Workin'" by Carlton CarvalhoJames Tucker

Carlton Carvalho is really rapping about his life in "Always Workin.'" The Atlanta-based artist is one of the hardest-working rappers in the underground right now, and proves that by releasing a new, highly-polished track every week, usually doing all of the footwork himself: leasing new beats, mixing, mastering, writing and creating artwork for everything he puts out. Even though it was made in a week, "Always Workin'" is a standout. This record is the soundtrack to every morning where you didn't hit the snooze button; it belongs in everyone's workout playlist. Carlton's first full-length project W.E.I.R.D.O.S is set to drop later this year, but you can follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram in the meantime.

New Music: "Cigarettes & Poutine" by Wasiu ft. BasicsSabina Palmieri

Emerging Montreal artist Wasiu shares "Cigarettes & Poutine," the second single off MTLiens 2. In the laid back, breezy vibe, Wasiu describes the sights and sounds of his town after a crazy night out: "Got it with my moms / I don't smoke but she said that she could smell it on my clothes / the city sinnin' better than my bones / pew pew funk stink everywhere I go."

New Music: "Lil Bro Nem" by Wil$onSabina Palmieri

The LA native and member of the Busy Sounds collective shares his latest track "Lil Bro Nem," giving fans a look at his life and the things that helped shape him growing up: "When you ain't have s--- coming up, all you can think about is coming up, like my lil bit ain't enough, when I see foreign cars pulling up."

New Music: "Some Nights" by SAINt JHNSabina Palmieri

Brooklyn artist SAINt JHN is back with a new song "Some Nights," a moody, melancholy vibe in which he vents about drinking too much and the dark side of relationships: "I gave you my all, so ain't nothing f*ckin left, you tell me you leaving, I tell you I ain't gonna cry so I never wept."

New Music: "Shoot Your Shot" Keynes Woods ft. LotannaSabina Palmieri

Keynes Woods, the Toronto-based rapper by way of DR Congo, tells his listeners to "shoot [their] shot" in his latest release. Speaking more on the inspiration behind the track, Keynes says: "I remember scrolling through my timeline on Instagram and a seeing a fine looking hipster shorty. I'm not one to slide into DMs, but I figured I'd shoot my shot for once. About a year into our relationship, I realized that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

New Music: "Don't Do It" by Leikeli47Sabina Palmieri

The mysterious Brooklyn native shares her debut album Wash & Set today (September 8). Before the release of the 14-track project, you may have heard her notable singles, "O.M.C.," "2nd Fiddle," and "Miss Me." Now it's time to add "Don't Do It" to your list of must listen songs on the album. The hard-knocking, bouncy smash is perfect to kick off your Friday night.

New Music: "WEWERENEVERFRIENDS" by Rob HicksSabina Palmieri

"WEWERENEVERFRIENDS" is Rob Hicks' final track on his newly released debut EP Paradise in Hell. While the song starts off bouncy and bass heavy, it transitions into a more tranquil, serene vibe during the final 40 seconds. Speaking more about the track, Hicks says: " WEWERENEVERFRIENDS was me going back to my roots and just kicking raps, and letting out some of my aggression. I didn't really do a lot of that on this EP, so I felt like it would be a perfect way to close out the project. It's actually a cliff hanger towards the end of the track. My album will pick up right where the EP ended with those final words on WEWERENEVERFRIENDS!"