New Music: Maryland rapper Dawson recruits Cidida for an ode to “Susan Lucci” DawsonKC Orcutt

Much like A$AP Ant recently tweeted, the bourgeoning rap scene in Maryland and DC is one of the most exciting in recent memory, with a handful of fast-rising artists looking to put on for the underrepresented region.

Adding to the ante is Frederick, Maryland rapper Dawson, whose latest track, “Susan Lucci,” pairs the smooth production of Ceez with ample chilled out rhymes from himself and Brooklyn’s Cidida alike. Definitely an interesting ode to the 'All My Children' actress, who by the way, at 71, definitely still has it.

File this one under “music to sit back and spark one up to.” Check it out above.

New Music: "My Crew" by Kevin George Kevin GeorgeSabina Palmieri

Following the release of his stellar, debut track "High Like This" in mid January, Kevin George returns with his second single, "My Crew." You'll find both tracks on his upcoming project LOVELAND, which has yet to received a release date - BUT you can expect more from this young bedroom producer within the coming months. Speaking more about the new song, Kevin explains: "With 'My Crew,' I wanted to create the soundtrack to the party for me and the kids from my city. Anything goes at a party in CT."

New Music: "Atlas" by Mari MariSabina Palmieri

Chicago artist/producer Mari channels smooth, soulful vibes in his latest track titled "Atlas." If you're in the mood for some Neo-soul R&B, you'll want to put a spin on this one. Sharing more about the song, Mari explains, "For 'Atlas' I was feeling very in tune with my soul and it felt natural for me to channel my inner Badu, D’Angelo, and 3 stacks. From the production to the vocal arrangement. This record is about movement, a sensual groove, and I really want people to explore that layer whether it’s within self or with a significant other."

New Music: "Due To Me" by Jean Deaux Jean DeauxSabina Palmieri

Following the release of her late 2017 single "Wikipedia," Chicago songstress Jean Deaux returns with a seductive mid-tempo jam titled "Due To Me," in which she sings about embracing her intuition and using her emotions to guide her. While sharing the song with fans, Jean explained, "'Due To Me' is a personalized letter about self-love to my man." Keep an eye out as this offering may be a sign of a forthcoming project that's soon to come!

New Music: "Cutting Ties" by 6LACK 6LACKSabina Palmieri

6LACK returns with "Cutting Ties," his first single of 2018. The new track is more of a loner's anthem for Valentine's Day, especially if you recently stepped away from a relationship. 6LACK makes it clear he'd rather be alone in this breakup song: "My pride never wanted you to know this / Sometimes I just wanna be alone / And either way I gotta go / When it comes to cutting ties, girl, I’m like a pro." While sharing the new release via Instagram, 6LACK had a few words for his fans as well: "If you have a valentine good for you, if you don’t this for you."

New Music: "Glide" by Hoodboi feat. Tkay Maidza HoodboiSabina Palmieri

With his return to Fool's Gold Records, Los Angeles-based producer teams with Zimbabwe-born, Australia-based pop singer Tkay Maidza for his latest release "Glide." If you're looking for something with a bouncy, 90's house vibe that will get your feet moving, give this one a spin.

New Music: "Catch Feelings" by Ebenezer EbenezerSabina Palmieri

If you're not trying to "Catch Feelings" this Valentine's Day, this track is the one for you. "Catch Feelings" happens to be part of the newly released 9-track debut EP Bad Romantic by songwriter and producer Ebenezer. If you're just learning about the north London crooner, get familiar - he's had guest appearances on tracks with Jeremih, Craig David, Rejjie Snow and Ty Dolla Sign to name a few. Take a listen to the standout track above, and while you're at it check out "South of France " and "Stats."

New Music: "lucky" by benny mayne benny mayneSabina Palmieri

Toronto-based artist benny mayne is back with another catchy track just one month after making waves with his debut single "bounce." The Rosco-produced track is far from a love song, and serves more as "a message to his chosen late-night rendezvous partner": "Better answer when I call you girl / If I'm making the time / 'Cause I only call you / So you should feel so lucky baby."

New Music: "Boo Hoo" by SAFA GAW SAFA GAWSabina Palmieri

Belize and Bronx-raised artist SAFA GAW teams with Lolo Zouaï (who offers additional vocals on the track) and producer Stelios for the first single off his debut EP, which is due to drop next month. SAFA GAW gave us a few words explaining the process of creating "Boo Hoo" and how the track came to be: "Ok, so boom - me, Lolo Zouai, and Stelios had a session one day, but I was too tired from an earlier session, so I fell asleep. During my quick nap, he continued to cook up the beat. I woke up about 25 minuets later, and the beat was almost finished. I pretend to still be asleep with my head under the blankets on the couch in the studio. 15 minuets later, I got up from under the blanket with a chorus and the first verse. We recorded it, and now you have 'Boo Hoo.'"

New Music: “Hennessy on Ice” by Kamaiyah feat. Bookie T KamaiyahKC Orcutt

Kamaiyah’s got another one!

The Oakland rapper has today (Feb. 13) dropped off her latest single, “Hennessy on Ice,” after releasing two other loose singles “Seasons” and “Through the Night” in the past week.

The new track embraces her melodic sound, with her voice layered alongside collaborator Bookie T, resulting in a hypnotizing and overall catchy, feel-good ode to her spirit of choice.

From starring in a new Sprite commercial alongside LeBron James to teasing a forthcoming collaboration with ScHoolboy Q, Kamaiyah is ready to make 2018 hers.

Check out Kamaiyah's latest, “Hennessy on Ice,” above.