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Studio Sessions | Bren talks engineering YBN Cordae's 'The Lost Boy,' the rapper linking with Dr. Dre in the studio and moreIn this installment of "Studio Sessions," Bren talks about studio time with Diddy, Chance the Rapper and Cordae's freestyle sessions, and the unreleased songs...Keith Nelson JrNOW PLAYINGYBN Cordae talks debut album 'The Lost Boy,' family, mentorship and more | 'The Breakfast Club'The rapper paid a visit to "The Breakfast Club" to chat about his debut album that has everyone talking and much more. Check out the interview here!Revolt39:59YBN Cordae drops 'The Lost Boy' album ft. Meek Mill, Pusha T and moreThe star-studded project clocks in 15 tracks.Shirley JuNow N' Laters | Chance the Rapper, E-40, and YBN CordaePeep some hot new music here!Preezy BrownH.E.R. teams up with YBN Cordae for a surprise collaboration "Racks"H.E.R. & YBN Cordae release their new record "Racks"Chase Ichiki YBN Cordae enlists Chance The Rapper on new track "Bad Idea"Check out YBN Cordae & Chance The Rapper's latest collaboration "Bad Idea"Zoe MonetYBN Cordae offers 2 paths for his new single "Have Mercy"Which path are you?Chase IchikiAminé teams up with YBN Cordae for "Blackjack Remix"Aminé & YBN Cordae drop their remix to "Blackjack"Chase IchikiNow N' Laters | Lil Pump, Bhad Bhabie, YBN CordaeWe dived into the various singles that had music fans going nuts over the past few days.Preezy BrownYBN Cordae drops another single "Locationships"YBN Cordae shows off his crib in "Locationships"Chase IchikiYBN Cordae drops a recap video for his new track "What's Life"Check out YBN Cordae's new track/video "What's Life"Chase IchikiYBN Nahmir, Cordae, and Almighty Jay have become rap's most authentic collectiveHaving their own styles and sticking to them showcases the trio's ability to understand their roles in both the collective and the rap game, and they can play...Trey AlstonYBN Nahmir & YBN Cordae link up for "Pain Away"YBN Nahmir & YBN Cordae release a video for their first song together "Pain Away".Chase IchikiYBN Cordae releases new track and video "Kung Fu"YBN Cordae drops another great track "Kung Fu" with accompanying visual directed by PplCallMeAce.Chase IchikiNOW PLAYING'On Clout 9' | YBN Nahmir, Almighty Jay & Cordae rank Kanye, 'Fortnite,' and Lil TayPlus, the rappers grade face tattoos, 'Rick & Morty,' and more on a scale from 1-9.Revolt03:16The 'industry plant' conversation no longer has a place in rap musicNew-age rappers are simply benefitting from multiple ways of rapid, organic growth—playlists, blogs, influencers—that continue to elude some older artists.Trey Alston