women's history month
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5 rising stars to honor this Women's History MonthWe're kicking off Women's History Month by honoring some ladies on the rise!Isha ThorpeNOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won' | Niija KuykendallIn honor of Women's History Month, Warner Bros Pictures' Senior Vice President of Production, Niija Kuykendall, reveals how she overcame some of the obstacles...Revolt02:06NOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won,' | Keke PalmerIn honor of Women's History Month, Keke Palmer shares obstacles she's faced, and how she's fought and WON.Revolt01:44NOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won' | Cari ChampionFor Women's History Month, ESPN SportsNation host Cari Champion discusses some of the obstacles she's faced as an African American woman in sports. She also...Revolt02:12NOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won' | Ryan DestinyFor Women's History Month, actress/singer Ryan Destiny discusses some of the challenges of being a woman in Hollywood, how she fights through her obstacles and...Revolt02:30NOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won' | Bre-ZTo celebrate Women's History Month, Bre-Z discusses the differences women face in Hollywood, how she fought, and how she WON! #BossLadiesRevolt01:51NOW PLAYING'I Faced, I Fought, I Won' | Meagan GoodTo celebrate Women's History Month, Meagan Good discusses how she's faced obstacles, how she fought and WON! #BossLadiesRevolt01:46NOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Stacy Ike reveals the women who inspire her and what makes this month so beautifulWe sat down with the TV host, actress, and entrepreneur for Women's History Month.Revolt01:12Highlighting History: 10 Legendary achievements by women in musicMuch like a game of chess, these queens used their mobility and instinct to blaze a trail of their own.KC OrcuttA woman's worth (literally)Women in America own 10 million businesses and gross $1.4 trillion in sales, but are still underserved. They have the power to affect change by simply choosing...Kamylle EdwardsRun The World: 10 Women-owned businesses to support, shop and take notes fromPut your money where the magic is.KC OrcuttThe Takeover: 10 Women in Media Making MovesThey've forged their own paths by having their voices heard, their words read and their own stories told -- while brilliantly helping tell others' stories, too.KC OrcuttHit Em Wit Da Hee: How Missy Elliott’s early career set the stage for our current cultural momentMissy was everything that typical women in hip-hop and R&B were not: she was big, brown, and her style was femme but not oversexualized.Terryn HallMeet Madame Gandhi: Artist, Activist, #TheFutureIsFemale Ambassador The Harvard-educated former M.I.A. drummer fuses art and activism in a seamless future-pop vehicle for changing narratives, a righteous hero for International...Amrit SinghGet those coins ready: Rihanna is reportedly launching a lingerie lineThe beauty mogul is expanding her business, again.KC OrcuttHow Rihanna is an example of women’s empowermentThrough authenticity, vulnerability, sex appeal, style, and smarts, Rihanna liberates women.Kamylle EdwardsNOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Claudia Jordan, Vanessa A. Williams, & more celebrate Women's History MonthAlongside Bresha Webb, the actresses praise the strength of women, send encouragement, and show support.Revolt01:00Hip-Hop artist Daetrius utilizes influence to support women business owners"She been chasing all that paper, having too much flavor, aye, she like to ShowOut"Erin Ashley SimonNOW PLAYINGWomen's History Month: Faarrow talk women empowermentThe pop-R&B sister duo on fighting societal constraints and stereotypes.Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGWomen's History Month | The "She" project highlights the qualities of exceptional womenEver question a woman's worth? Here's her response.Revolt00:40NOW PLAYINGWomen's History Month | StarleyThe electro-pop singer talks finding inspiration for songwriting and perseverance in Mariah Carey and Sia.Revolt01:42Women In Charge: Spotify's Global Programming Head of R&B/Soul Mjeema PickettShe empowers artists and moves people of all walks of life, one playlist at a time.Erin Ashley SimonNOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Sunny Walters Talks Dancing For Artists And Traveling The WorldShe's worked with Beyoncé & Britney Spears.Revolt02:29NOW PLAYINGInterview | Khadija Shari on Brooklyn pride, her come-up and touring with RihannaMeet Khadija Shari.Revolt02:57