we the people
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NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Ki BohitiKi Bohiti, member of 7Triiibes hip hop collective, speaks about changing the world through the "frequency" of music.Revolt02:33NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Michael K. WilliamsMichael K. Williams ("The Wire") talks about wearing your blackness with pride as the first step of change.Revolt02:52NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Megan RapinoeSoccer star Megan Rapinoe talks about living in an unjust society that benefits some "on the backs of someone else."Revolt02:46NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Taylor K. ShawTaylor K. Shaw, the founder & CEO of Black Women Animate, talks about the urgent need for media to represent and embrace diversity.Revolt02:58NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Gbenga AkinnagbeActor Gbenga Akinnagbe ("The Wire") discusses how daily racist microaggressions destroy someone's quality of life.Revolt03:25NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Jade Magnus OgunnaikePolitical strategist Jade Magnus Ogunnaike talks about her work for Color of Change and the importance of building independent black political power.Revolt03:04NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Matt McGorryActor Matt McGorry ("How to Get Away with Murder") talks about the realization that led him to a life of social activism.Revolt03:29NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Trivella OsbourneTrivella Osbourne talks about channeling her anger and exhaustion into social activism.Revolt03:19NOW PLAYING'We the People' | OSHUNMusical duo OSHUN talk about the relationship between their music and spirituality.Revolt03:16NOW PLAYING'We the People' | Vidal GuzmanCommunity organizer & criminal justice advocate Vidal Guzman talks about how his own experience in gangs taught him to push for change in his community.Revolt03:19NOW PLAYING'We the People' | IntroActor Michael K. Williams, Dead Prez's M-1, filmmaker JLove Calderón, and more talk about the dire need to speak out and stand up against oppression.Revolt04:12