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Frank Ocean, Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Quavo get creative with encouraging voter participationSee how these artists gave back to those who voted in the 2018 Midterm elections.REVOLT TVEach One, Teach One | Here are 29 artists encouraging fans to vote this Election DayIt's been powerful to see artists coming together to push social awareness, political involvement and community activism in more ways than one.KC OrcuttTamika Mallory: "Those in power have always preyed on fear to get people to vote against their best interests"Social justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about white supremacist violence and voting for candidates who best represent you, exclusively for REVOLT TV.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGBe Woke.Vote Presents | The Messy Truth with Van Jones and Jamie FoxxThrough the eyes of Jamie Foxx, comes a conversation about what it means to lead by example, having humility, and being black in Trump’s America.Revolt23:35NOW PLAYINGBe Woke.Vote Presents | The Messy Truth with Van Jones and Mike ColterMike Colter delivers the knockout punch on why America is suffering, voting in the midterm and how people can help one another in their communities.Revolt18:27NOW PLAYINGBe Woke.Vote Presents | The Messy Truth with Van Jones and Kim Kardashian WestKim Kardashian West brings her expertise and ideas to the table to discuss voting, supporting Kanye, prison reform and the current administration.Revolt17:35NOW PLAYINGBe Woke.Vote Presents | The Messy Truth with Van Jones and Deon TaylorDeon Taylor dives into the topics of voting in the midterm, changing our communities and becoming more involved in politics.Revolt13:31Tamika Mallory: "This is what voter suppression looks like," and here's how you can stop itSocial justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about voter disenfranchisement, how to spot abuses of power, and the need for grassroots change, exclusively for...REVOLT TVNOW PLAYING'R News' | Everyday Excellence: Yara Shahidi hosts '#WeVoteNext Summit' to encourage youth votingHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon applaud the actress and activist, and REVOLT TV catches up with Laverne Cox and Kodie Shane at the summit.Revolt01:53The ASBO Chronicles | When there are no words, vote.In the first installment of REVOLT's newest column, and with less than 100 days until the midterm elections, author Blake Scotland recalls how President Obama's...Blake ScotlandNew Black Renaissance | Why the 2018 midterm elections matter for Black AmericaSimply explained, here are 3 reasons why this is the year to get the ballot, and 3 reasons why we need to vote the right people into power.Amrit SinghPopular Vote Shenanigans: Trump claims fraud, Clinton joins recountThe irony of Trump's claim is that it helps make the case for those on the left who are similarly calling the results into question.Amrit SinghDonald Trump Wins Election, Becomes 45th President Of The United StatesHillary Clinton has called him to concede the race.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGInsider Access | The "Youth Gets It Done" RallyPusha T, T.I., Gucci Mane, Jay Electronica and more on why young people exercising their right to vote is a necessity this election.Revolt02:51Killer Mike has clarified those "stay the f—k home" voting comments he madeHe meant "vote locally [and] ask for something back."REVOLT TVChance the Rapper does another amazing thing, brings voter registration to his tourWhat's your excuse now?REVOLT TV