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Rihanna talks Trump's immigration policy: "You have to be as loud as you can"The singer and entrepreneur explains how to show support for immigrants.KC OrcuttTrump blasts Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad as the company’s stock reboundsHe also says he finds the NFL “hard to watch.”KC OrcuttNOW PLAYINGRumor Report | Omarosa Manigault Newman reportedly leaves white house role in dramatic scene"I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally," OmarosaRevolt01:08NOW PLAYINGRumor Report | Women detail sexual allegations against TrumpAt least 15 women have come forward with a wide range of accusations against Donald Trump.Revolt02:32Joyner Lucas releases "I’m Not Racist," a powerful visual exploring race relationsThe rapper tackles the subject head-on and from both sides.KC OrcuttVP Mike Pence walks out of football game due to national anthem protestsTwitter is going in.KC OrcuttLeBron James: "I'm not going to let anyone use sports to divide us""My job and calling is much bigger than 'that guy' while I have this platform."Ralph BristoutCelebrities and cultural figures weigh in on this weekend's NFL anthem protestsTaking a knee.Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYINGGabby Sidibe shares unapologetically honest reaction to Trump's verbal attack against peaceful NFL protestsThe 'Empire' star jokes she's waiting for a meteor to hit us.Revolt00:59Gabby Sidibe explains that 'racism is loud' under Trump's presidencyThe 'Empire' star doesn't hold back.KC OrcuttREVOLT Exclusive: Rapper/activist Mysonne pens open letter, supports NFL protests#IStandWithKapREVOLT TVObama slams Trump for rescinding DACA, says decision was 'wrong,' 'cruel' and 'self-defeating'The former POTUS issued a lengthy statement against the administration's controversial move.KC OrcuttLil' Flip gives Trump an 'E for effort' regarding Hurricane Harvey relief effortThe Houston rapper is also encouraging others to get involved.KC OrcuttChris Brown calls out Trump for encouragement for police to abuse suspects"This is not how you make peace or any kind of help."REVOLT TVKiller Mike on Kanye visting Trump: "Why wouldn't you"The RTJ rapper discusses Trump and the celebrities endorsing him.Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | CongressTrump receives a handful of meaningless standing ovations during speech.Revolt05:43NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Donald TrumpTrump said he had the biggest electoral margin since Ronald Reagan.Revolt05:50Trump Voter Fraud allegations alarm voter rights activistsFor activists, "strengthen(ing) up voting procedures" is code for codifying voter suppression.Amrit SinghIndia.Arie stands by Chrisette Michele after Trump performance "I STAND UP FOR CHRISETTE MICHELE," she writes in an open letter.Ralph BristoutChrisette Michele explains why she "had to go" to Trump's Inauguration"I needed him to see what 'us' looked like."Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Chrisette MicheleThe embattled singer speaks on the backlash behind her inauguration performance.Revolt39:32Chrisette Michele responds to Inauguration Day critics on "No Political Genius""White House invites me, you call me their coon"Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Michael Eric DysonThe professor speaks on black celebrities meeting with Trump, his new book about the Knowles women and more.Revolt40:45Chrisette Michele issues open letter to defend Trump Inauguration performance"My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us," she writes.Ralph Bristout