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Tamika Mallory: "A non-vote is a vote for Trump; don’t get used like Kanye"Social justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about birth rights, ballot initiatives, Trump's selective stance on immigration, and how the GOP manipulates...REVOLT TVTamika Mallory: "Those in power have always preyed on fear to get people to vote against their best interests"Social justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about white supremacist violence and voting for candidates who best represent you, exclusively for REVOLT TV.REVOLT TVTamika Mallory: "This is what voter suppression looks like," and here's how you can stop itSocial justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about voter disenfranchisement, how to spot abuses of power, and the need for grassroots change, exclusively for...REVOLT TVTamika Mallory: "This midterm election will be the most important of our lives"Social justice activist Tamika Mallory writes about the importance of the Supreme Court, donating and more, exclusively for REVOLT TV.REVOLT TV‘Savage’ quadruple homicide draws sympathy from Rev. Al Sharpton, Tamika MalloryFamily member Shaun White speaks with REVOLT TV about the recent tragedy that rocked his family and the country alike.KC OrcuttJ. Cole, Ava Duvernay, Harry Belafonte champion Colin Kaepernick in GQ storyMore highlights from the new GQ issue.Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Tamika Mallory and MysonneThe Women's March Co-Chair and activist/artist spoke about being kicked off an American Airlines flight.Revolt28:09Women's March Co-Chair Tamika Mallory meets with American Airlines CEO Doug ParkerWeeks after being kicked off of a plane before its takeoff, civil rights activist Tamika Mallory has met with American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.William E. Ketchum IIINOW PLAYINGInsider Access | Tamika Mallory's press conference about American AirlinesWomen's March Co-Chair Tamika Mallory explains what she believes was racial discrimination from the airline.Revolt08:28NAACP issues travel advisory for black fliers of American AirlinesIn light of Tamika Mallory's allegations and others, the NAACP tells black travelers to "exercise caution."William E. Ketchum IIIDo you have a story similar to Tamika Mallory's?Tell REVOLT your story,Kamile HortonTamika Mallory releases statement regarding conversation with American AirlinesTamika Mallory has spoken to American Airlines representatives, but she still has questions.William E. Ketchum IIICNN's Symone Sanders, Harvard Law student join Tamika Mallory with American Airlines discrimination storiesMultiple black women have reached out to Tamika Mallory after her humiliating story with the airline.William E. Ketchum IIITamika Mallory draws parallel to Rosa Parks, talks continuing the same fight for equalityThe activist makes a comparison to the past while discussing recent experience with American Airlines.KC OrcuttNOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Tamika Mallory speaks out following American Airlines incident"This happened to me because other people need to have their voices heard."Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Tamika Mallory recalls Rosa Parks' influence, hopes for change in exclusive interview"I want to make sure people are protected [and] I would like to live within the spirit of being a freedom fighter."Revolt01:01NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Activist Tamika Mallory sets record straight about celebrities using their influence"When other people are sponsoring your message, you are being controlled..."Revolt01:00Tamika Mallory holds press conference to address American Airlines discrimination allegations The activist made several demands of the airlines after what she alleges was "white male aggression."Drea OppanTamika Mallory holding press conference to announce response against American AirlinesMallory says a pilot attempted to intimidate her through an act of "white male aggression."William E. Ketchum IIINOW PLAYING#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | Women's March On Washington Co-Chair Tamika Mallory speaks"People do not want us to put out a message that is for our people," she said. "They don't want it to be heard."Revolt03:48Activist Tamika Mallory accuses American Airlines of 'white male aggression' in post-RMC 2017 flightThe activist said she was discriminated against while attempting to travel back home from Miami.William E. Ketchum IIIActivist Tamika Mallory outraged after being booted off flight on way home from #REVOLTMusicConference 2017The co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington thanks REVOLT for uplifting her spirits, hours before being discriminated against by the airline.KC OrcuttNOW PLAYINGRumor Report | Kaepernick rally at NFL headquartersWomen’s March organizer Tamika Mallory spoke during the event to applause from the crowd.Revolt01:18"For The Love Of Flint" Harlem Event Brings Awareness, Goods To Water CrisisHelping out where it's needed.Michael Piccirilli