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NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote Presents | 'The Voices of the Future' (Trailer)A series debating young voters' issues, with young, diverse, and credentialed political operatives.Revolt00:30Senate questions Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions on civil rights recordOn the first day of confirmation hearings, the Alabama senator faced questions about his history with statements and positions that critics have called racist.Amrit Singh"Alt-right" is code for white supremacy  —  call it what it isHave you been hearing the term "alt-right" in the news after the presidential election? Here's what it really means; don't be fooled.REVOLT 2 Vote@FactsOnly | How the Electoral College picked the presidentBasically, the Founding Fathers didn’t trust "the people" to be informed enough to get it right.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | How the Electoral College worksREVOLT Chief Political Correspondent Amrit Singh breaks down the Electoral College process.Revolt01:00 3 reasons why Trump as president isn't as bad as you think Guys, we swear there's a bright side.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGInsider Access | The "Youth Gets It Done" RallyPusha T, T.I., Gucci Mane, Jay Electronica and more on why young people exercising their right to vote is a necessity this election.Revolt02:51@FactsOnly | How to watch today's election resultsWhat do we mean when we say "key states"? This explainer will help you follow along and get a jumpstart on knowing who won.REVOLT 2 VoteListen to REVOLT's "Heading to the Polls" playlist as you do your civic dutyGet your a** out and vote. (It's in a song!)REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Chris SpencerThe writer and actor breaks down the importance of local politics.Revolt00:37NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Dijon TaltonThe actor on what gives him hope for the future.Revolt01:10@FactsOnly | You cannot text in your voteDon't believe the type.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Kendrick SampsonThe actor explains all the ways you can get involved in order to find a path to political change.Revolt00:44NOW PLAYINGInsider Access | Jay Z's GOTV concertHillary Clinton joins Jay Z and Beyoncé onstage.Revolt07:40NOW PLAYINGInsider Access | Jay Z's GOTV concert for Hillary ClintonJ. Cole, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, and Beyoncé join Jay Z in a star-studded concert for the presidential candidate.Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Logan BrowningThe actress says we need to act as a community if we are to thrive.Revolt00:55Watch "Here's Voting," our special on the power of the voteThe system is flawed, but it's built upon the participation of its people.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | "Here's Voting"Open your eyes and see what's at stake in the voting booth.Revolt22:02Hillary Clinton was in Formation last night: You never thought Hip-Hop would take it this farA big show for a big cause.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Lecrae"Not voting is not an option," the rapper says backstage at his Destination Tour.Revolt01:24NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Meagan GoodThe actress says millennials are better able to amplify their voices than previous generations.Revolt00:48NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Beyoncé at the Jay Z GOTV for Hillary concert"Look how far we've come from having no voice to being on the brink of history by electing the first woman president," Bey said in Cleveland.Revolt02:05NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Fake ads circulate to vote via textPSA: You can NOT vote through text messages, but Hillary supporters are being targeted by fake ads.Revolt01:00Make your prediction here: Who do you think will win the election?Come November 8, will we "Make America great again" or be "Stronger together"?REVOLT 2 Vote