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NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Katt Williams slams several comedians in new interviewHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon have mixed feelings about Williams' critiques of Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Jerrod Carmichael, Hannibal Burress, and Lil Rel.Revolt01:36NOW PLAYING'R News' | In The News: University of Maryland's new "White Awake" campus support groupHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon discuss the controversial organization launched in an effort to help white students become better allies to their minority...Revolt01:43NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Lil Wayne is now sole owner of Young MoneyHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai applaud Weezy for his business move, and anticipate his long-overdue 'Tha Carter V' album (scheduled to be released this fall).Revolt01:17NOW PLAYING'R News' | Is Nicki Minaj following Joe Budden's blueprint to making a move into media? (Bonus Clip)Hosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai compare the self-indulgent vs. credible characteristics of the two rapper-turned-radio heads.Revolt03:28NOW PLAYING'R News' | Joe Budden talks the evolution of hip-hop (Bonus Clip)REVOLT TV's 'State of the Culture' host applauds the new generation for removing the "middle man" from creating music, and for taking on different methods in...Revolt01:55NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and others who tried to patrol their communitiesHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai discuss ignorant racists and police officers who fail to de-escalate situations properly.Revolt02:28NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Meek Mill's mission to reform the prison systemHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon applaud the Philadelphia rapper for evolving and representing the culture the right way.Revolt01:27NOW PLAYING'R News' | Rap Facts: Revisiting tracks influenced by Aretha FranklinHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai remember the Queen of Soul songs sampled by T.I., JAY-Z, and DaniLeigh.Revolt02:53NOW PLAYING'R News' | Lines & Line-Ups: Madonna honors Aretha Franklin at 2018 MTV VMAsHost Rodney Rikai was left feeling unfulfilled by Madge's selfish, scattered speech.Revolt00:53NOW PLAYING'R News' | Full Disclosure: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at 2 Chainz's weddingHost Bri Harmon weighs in on the rapper's tiny never-before-seen Yeezy slides and Kim's neon green look.Revolt00:52NOW PLAYING'R News' | Donald Trump vs. Omarosa (Bonus Clip)Hosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai weigh in on Trump's disrespectful name-calling, Omarosa recording conversations, and if either of them really deserve our...Revolt01:32NOW PLAYING'R News' | Unpopular Opinion: White nationalists also have the right to assembleA year after the Charlottesville riots, hosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon weigh in on how to rightfully address and avoid hate.Revolt02:03NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Kanye West's disappointing appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'Hosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai discuss West's failure to answer Kimmel's question about Donald Trump's seemingly nonexistent empathy for others.Revolt01:25NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Nicki Minaj's standout 'Queen' track "Barbie Dreams"Hosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon talk the viral buzz surrounding the song, Nicki's longevity and happiness, and if the album—as a whole—delivered.Revolt02:12NOW PLAYING'R News' | Heat Wave: Did Drake's "SICKO MODE" verse steal a line from Famous Dex?Hosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon play both songs and ask viewers to weigh in on the similarities.Revolt01:16NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Jennifer Lopez to receive MTV's Video Vanguard AwardHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai differ in opinion about whether or not the singer deserves the honor.Revolt01:39NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: EA Sports removes Colin Kaepernick's name from song in 'Madden '19'Hosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon look at both the pros and cons of the video game company's mistake.Revolt01:36NOW PLAYING'R News' | Hip-Hop vs. Mental Health: Do fans fail to realize artists' cries for help?Hosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon wonder if fans should be held accountable for aiding in the mental deterioration of some of their favorite artists.Revolt02:39NOW PLAYING'R News' | Hip-Hop vs. Mental Health: Boonk Gang's depression and drug addictionHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai discuss how artists often use drugs as a way to cope, ailments being overlooked by fans, and more.Revolt04:29NOW PLAYING'R News' | Everyday Excellence: LeBron James opens public school for at-risk Akron youthHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon give props to the King for his elementary school that boasts, among other perks, free tuition and meals.Revolt01:22NOW PLAYING'R News' | Hip-Hop vs. Incarceration: Offset's arrest sparks a conversationHosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai discuss factors that contribute to arrests including past criminal history and preconceived notions of rappers.Revolt03:34NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: Meek Mill & 76ers co-owner team up for criminal justice reformHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon applaud the rapper's new initiative with Michael Rubin to reshape the criminal justice system for those who lack resources.Revolt00:53NOW PLAYING'R News' | Wins & Losses: R. Kelly's "I Admit" draws mixed reactionsHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon go back-and-forth about whether the singer should get kudos for coming clean.Revolt01:44NOW PLAYING'R News' | In the News: Donald Trump's disastrous joint press conference with PutinHosts Rodney Rikai and Bri Harmon ask viewers how we can mobilize to regain control of the country's future.Revolt01:15