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Watch Kendrick Lamar freestyle in this new promo for Reebok"I bet I make bells ring/ I bet I make birds sing."REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGPromos | Global Spin Awards 2015The 4th Annual Global Spin Awards recognizes the best and biggest DJs in the world, live in N.Y.C.Revolt02:19NOW PLAYINGPromos | Global Spin Awards 2015Shawn Prez is getting excited for the 4th annual Global Spin Awards in N.Y.C., hosted by Swizz Beatz.Revolt02:23NOW PLAYINGPromos | "Higher Learning" TrailerWatch the trailer for "4:20 Higher Learning"Revolt01:21NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Specials | The Local Love Tour: New OrleansPresented By REVOLT and McDonaldsRevolt02:00NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Specials | The Local Love Tour: DetroitPresented By REVOLT and McDonaldsRevolt02:00NOW PLAYINGPromos | Hot 97 Summer Jam 2015Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, G-Unit, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Jadakiss, Joey Bada$$, and moreRevolt03:44NOW PLAYINGPromos | Wiz Khalifa "Day Today: Boys of Summer"Stay tuned for Wiz Khalifa's series "Day Today: Boys of Summer".Revolt Staff00:30NOW PLAYINGPromos | "Finna Get Loose"Behind the scenes footage of Puff Daddy & the Family's "Finna Get Loose"Revolt02:27NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ SNSMeet DJ SNS, who's always keeping abreast of what's new in each club and each culture he visits.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ SelfMeet DJ Self, who's always learning as much as possible from the OGs who blazed a trail for him.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ QuicksilvaMeet DJ Quicksilva, who's honored to represent D.C. for the Ciroc Boyz.Revolt00:14NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ ProstylesMeet DJ Prostyles, who knows that he needs to be a voice in his community to be a member of the Ciroc Boyz.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ KennyMeet DJ Kenny, who sees the DJ community as a focused, energized, and entrepreneurial group.Revolt00:14NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ InfamousMeet DJ Infamous, the youngest member of the Ciroc Boyz, who's eager to learn from the company of greats.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ Greg StreetMeet DJ Greg Street, who wants to let the world know the gospel of Ciroc.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ Funkmaster FlexMeet DJ Funkmaster Flex, who knows that Ciroc represents New York in all its varied facets.Revolt00:14NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ EnuffMeet DJ Enuff, who knows that Ciroc is all about the newest and the best, without forgetting its roots.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ DramaMeet DJ Drama, who knows the Ciroc Boyz are a strong, dedicated team of influential entrepreneurs.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ Clinton SparksMeet DJ Clinton Sparks, who sees the Ciroc Boyz as a brotherhood of innovators.Revolt00:14NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ CamiloMeet DJ Camilo, whose entry into the Ciroc Boyz is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromos | Evolution of the Ciroc Boyz TrailerMeet the Ciroc Boyz, a brotherhood of DJs whose mission is to inspire each other and the world at large with the Ciroc lifestyle.Revolt00:30NOW PLAYINGPromos | Ciroc Boyz DJ TrailerThese are the top DJs in the world, spinning at the hottest clubs for the highest pay. Meet the Ciroc Boyz.Revolt00:15NOW PLAYINGPromo | 107 Birthday BashThis is just a taste of the craziness that went on at the year's biggest party, the Hot 107 Birthday Bash.Revolt00:20