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NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Alex ReimerThe radio host called Brady's five-year-old daughter an "annoying little pissant."Revolt05:41NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons lead Patriots 21-3 at Superbowl halftime, but lose to Patriots in overtime victory.Revolt04:37NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Jason AyersAyers started a Kickstarter to design "Deflategate" rings.Revolt02:43NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks choked and lost the Superbowl to the New England Patriots.Revolt05:21NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Live | Raiders' Donald Penn hit the street for Super Bowl predictionsREVOLT sent out the Oakland Raiders' Donald Penn to ask football fans who they think is going to win the Super Bowl.Revolt03:28