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Millennium Age offers new twist on discussion forum with silent industry panel Those in attendance wore special headphones in order to participate.Drea OppanNOW PLAYING#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | 'Hip-Hop Vs. Trump' panel offers strategies for engaging brands to help influence social change“We have to remind ourselves that every time they tried to silence hip-hop, hip-hop always won.”Revolt01:00NOW PLAYING#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | 'Hip-Hop Vs. Trump' panel delivers impactful insight on effectively challenging the systemSee highlights from one of the most important dialogues we must continue today.Revolt01:00NOW PLAYING#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | Rev. Shane R. Harris explains how targeting advertisers can make an immense social impactDuring REVOLT Music Conference’s “Hip-Hop Vs. Trump” panel, the reverend discusses ways to fight back against unjust censorship.Revolt01:00#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 Exclusive | Watch the full “Hip-Hop Vs. Trump” panelArtists, activists and writers come together to ​further the dialogue of how to impact change and challenge the political system​.​​​KC OrcuttNOW PLAYING#REVOLTMusicConference 2017 | A&R experts weigh in on the importance of developing talent and working with othersSee an official recap from the 2017 REVOLT Music Conference's “F—k A&R” panel.Revolt00:50Watch The #AskDiddy Q&A From The REVOLT Music ConferenceThe Chairman speaks.Revolt StaffNOW PLAYINGRMC 2015 | Entertainment & PoliticsA strong point of view and consistency are two elements in the movement of change. Learn how you can make a difference and shake up the balance of power in your...Revolt01:11Puff Daddy Cheers On A Young Hopeful At The Lost Art Of A&R PanelThe Lost Art of A&R featured a showstopper who auditioned for the RMC audience.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGRMC 2015 | Keith Clinkscales PanelKeith Clinkscales asks a man for $20, what he says next will surprise you.Revolt01:21NOW PLAYINGRMC 2015 | Content: The New Hustle PanelWatch as owner of Macro, Charles King, discusses what it takes to build an audience and how to stand out in social media.Revolt01:57Content Creators Talk Growth And Social Media At RMC Panel DiscussionYBF's Natasha Eubanks, Karen Civil and more dish on building your online brand.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | The Business of Music PublishingCheck out the RMC panel on the business of music publishing featuring Dallas Austin, Ester, and more, only on REVOLT.Revolt42:40NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | Going IndieWatch the full panel from the 2014 RMC about "going Indie" featuring Terrence "Punch" Henderson, Anthony Alexander, and more.Revolt48:43NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | The Lost Art of A&R and Artist DevelopmentCheck out the full panel from the RMC about the lost art of A&R featuring DJ Khaled, Craig Kalloman, Sickamore, and more.Revolt42:30NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | Festivals and Live ExperiencesCheck out the full panel from the 2014 RMC about the rise of festivals and live experiences, featuring panelists Perry Farrell, Tom Poleman, and more.Revolt47:21NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | EDMWatch the full panel from the 2014 RMC on EDM, featuring panelists Jonathan "Geronimo" Broth, Senthil Chidambaram, and more.Revolt36:31NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | DisruptorsJoin us for the full panel from the 2014 RMC on Disruptors, the people who will be the future of the record business. Panelists include Rio Caraeff of VEVO and...Revolt1:01:42NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | The Art of The DealWatch the full panel discussion from the 2014 RMC on the Art of the Deal, featuring panelists Lee Hawkins, Geno Sims, and James Cruz.Revolt40:03NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | DisruptersDisrupters Panel at 2014 RMC featuring Sean Combs, and others.Revolt01:29NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | "Who Runs the World""A really feel like I am a business person. A person doing business." Women in Business discuss their trials and tribulations through a male dominated industry.Revolt02:59NOW PLAYINGRMC 2014 | A&R Panel DiscussionLA Reid leads an All-Star panel on the science behind artist discoveryRevolt02:32NOW PLAYINGRMC | 2014 Rio CaraeffPresident and CEO of Vevo Rio Caraeff teases his upcoming "Disrupters" panel at the 2014 RMC in Miami.Revolt00:12NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Live | Panel discusses the ChartsKat Corbett chats about rock's dormancy with REVOLT.Revolt00:52