net neutrality
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Here's why Senate Democrats' plan to bring back Net Neutrality won't work And here’s why their campaign is a win, no matter what.Amrit SinghNOW PLAYING'On Clout 9' | Lil Xan ranks clout levels of 2pac, bitcoin, Aziz Ansari & moreLil Xan (aka Diego) ranks everything from Tupac to net neutrality on a scale of 1 to 9, based on clout.Revolt04:06Protect Your Net: The fight for the information highwayAn end to net neutrality is an attack on marginalized communities, entrepreneurs, small businesses and, of course, creatives.Dev T. SmithCommon tweets in support of net neutralityThe rapper is helping educate his fans.KC OrcuttYour search history is now for saleInternet providers can now collect and sell your data. Thanks Senate!Amrit SinghNOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Senate votes to allow Internet providers to sell your dataHope you aren't searching for anything shady. ARE YOU?Revolt00:59