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NOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Naturi Naughton & Joseph SikoraActors Naughton and Sikora talk 'Power' Season 5, the most loyal characters, the aftermath of Raina's passing, and more.Revolt34:43NOW PLAYING'Power's' Naturi Naughton talks pain, loss for Tasha and the St. Patrick familyThe actress who plays Tasha gives a hint at the tragedy that will transpire this season.Revolt00:42NOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Joseph Sikora of 'Power' talks on-screen friendship with Omari HardwickHe likens them to another television duo.Revolt00:38Naturi Naughton talks "Power" character winning over fans by evolving and displaying devotion"She's not the same immature, kind of just thinking-in-the-moment type person."Shaheem ReidNOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Cast Of "Power" Talk Season 2The Breakfast Club has Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora from the cast of Starz's "Power" in the studio to talk season two of the hit show.Revolt14:43