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Lil Xan is being investigated for assault with a deadly weaponThe rapper could be facing a possible felony over a recent gun-pointing incident.KC OrcuttLil Xan pulls out gun during Tupac argumentThe incident occurred at a 7/11.Terry CarterThe claustrophobic air of emo rap will kill the genreWhile it's all fun and games to say that these artists sound similar, how will the genre ever grow if the rappers lack boldness and the listeners aren't able to...Trey AlstonThe murky parameters of modern music journalismThere are writers who prioritize celebrity relationships over journalistic integrity, and then there are ones who provide objective opinion despite some artists...Trey AlstonMusic Video Roundup: Meek Mill, Janelle Monae, King Combs, Diplo x Lil Xan, Ne-Yo, CyancaOdes to the female anatomy, the West Coast, and more.REVOLT TVStream: Lil Xan's debut album 'Total Xanarchy'The controversial artist has released his official debut project.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGInterview | Lil XanThe 21-year-old now known as Diego talks every rapper's worst nightmare, his intentional "aesthetic," sobriety, anxiety, addiction, and career longevity.Revolt04:47Lil Xan, Tupac, and hip-hop's (seemingly unforgiving) generational barriers Traditional hip-hop is refusing to accept exploration, while also failing to acknowledge that this same experimentation is what created the aspect of the...Trey AlstonTrippie Redd sticks up for Lil Xan amid heated Tupac debateMeanwhile, Waka Flocka takes his turn ‘On Clout 9.’KC OrcuttLil Xan and Waka Flocka Flame trade shots over recent Tupac 'clout rating'The generational gap was revealed during REVOLT's 'On Clout 9' series.KC OrcuttNOW PLAYING'On Clout 9' | Lil Xan ranks clout levels of 2pac, bitcoin, Aziz Ansari & moreLil Xan (aka Diego) ranks everything from Tupac to net neutrality on a scale of 1 to 9, based on clout.Revolt04:06NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Diego (formerly known as Lil Xan) shares special Valentine's Day messageThe young rapper drops gems on heartbreak, cheating, and why you should be happy to stay home.Revolt01:00On Clout 9Watch as your favorite artists rank series of topics on a scale of 1-9, based on what the kids call "clout."Lil Xan announces he’s changing his artist moniker to his real nameThe rapper explains how his fans helped him make the decision.KC OrcuttThe 28 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018We're looking ahead at the new year, at those who've made us promises, and at those with whom we've lost patience.REVOLT TVRolling Loud adds Jaden Smith, Lil Xan to line-up for SoCal editionThe festival will take place in Los Angeles Dec. 16-17.KC Orcutt