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NOW PLAYING"State of the Culture" season 2 returns Tuesday Aug. 6 at 10pm ETJoe Budden, and co-hosts Remy Ma and Jinx cut through the noise to get straight to the core of the most controversial and challenging conversations in pop...Revolt00:305 reasons "State of the Culture" is the best showNYC! Check out a live presentation of "SOTC" at REVOLT Summit's kickoff event at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre on July 24!Jasmine GrantState of the CultureJoe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Scottie Beam, and Jinx debate pop culture, politics, social justice, and more—all through the lens of hip hop.7 underappreciated diss tracks dropped post-2010Rap beefs where artists air out their issues with each other on wax is a pillar of the culture.Marcus Blackwell"State of the Culture" is coming back Feb. 4The wait is over! Brand new episodes of REVOLT TV's hip hop debate show are coming soon.Isha ThorpeJoe Budden proposes to Cyn Santana during live podcast tapingCongrats to the happy couple!REVOLT TVPusha T says Noah '40' Shebib told him about Drake’s son, not Kanye WestThe rapper sat down with the "Joe Budden Podcast" to talk Drake and more.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYING'On Clout 9' | Joe Budden ranks Drake, 'Everyday Struggle,' and the "Kardashian Effect"Plus, our 'State of the Culture' host rates being washed, Donald Trump's Twitter, and more on a scale of 1-9.Revolt07:21Remy Ma tells Joe Budden he's "scared to death" to respond to EminemDo y'all agree with Remy Ma?REVOLT TVNOW PLAYING'R News' | Joe Budden talks the evolution of hip-hop (Bonus Clip)REVOLT TV's 'State of the Culture' host applauds the new generation for removing the "middle man" from creating music, and for taking on different methods in...Revolt01:55NOW PLAYING'R News' | Is Nicki Minaj following Joe Budden's blueprint to making a move into media? (Bonus Clip)Hosts Bri Harmon and Rodney Rikai compare the self-indulgent vs. credible characteristics of the two rapper-turned-radio heads.Revolt03:28Nicki Minaj could smartly be studying Joe Budden's blueprintThey're both rap paragons equally adept in cultural commentary as they are in their skills on the mic, and they're boldness reaps more benefits than they could...Trey AlstonA Rap Playbook: 26 great examples of lyrical wordplayThere’s been some internet buzz about who the best to ever do it is when it comes to entendres, alterations, rhyme schemes, syllables, synonyms, and more.Da’Shan SmithNOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Joe BuddenJoe Budden talks leaving Complex, his relationship with Eminem, industry moves and more.Revolt37:27Joe Budden's new REVOLT series 'State of the Culture' to premiere September 10 with Remy Ma and Scottie BeamTune in!REVOLT TVNOW PLAYING'State of the Culture' Press ConferenceThe weekly series will feature raw, unfiltered, and informative debates and interviews where Budden digs deep with prominent celebrities, artists, and...Revolt03:40Joe Budden's rebranding is completeHe's now reaping the benefits of his transparency and all of those rough edges that made him an outcast years ago.Bansky GonzalezNOW PLAYING'State of the Culture' | Joe Budden weighs in on Pusha T & Drake beef (Preview)All is fair in war! Pusha: 1, Drake: 0. (Drake, don't let us down.)Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGExclusive | Diddy and Joe Budden officially announce new 'State of the Culture' show"You gotta address the state of things and who guards and preserves the culture, those of us that are a part of it, those of us that love it."Revolt01:00Joe Budden joins forces with Diddy and REVOLT for new seriesJoe Budden is officially team REVOLT.REVOLT TVRoyce Da 5'9" talks new album, therapy and Joe Budden on 'The Breakfast Club'"When I stopped drinking six years ago, I started getting all of these memories, reflecting, getting all that stuff off of my chest. So why not do it creatively?"Kai AcevedoComplex's 'Everyday Struggle' announces Star as replacement co-host for Joe BuddenComplex recruits a shock jock radio legend as Joe Budden's replacement.REVOLT TVNew Music: Drake appears to reignite his beef with Joe Budden on “Diplomatic Immunity”Interesting...KC OrcuttMigos claims that Joe Budden owes them a percentage of his reported deal with REVOLTThe ‘Culture’ rappers have some words about the former ‘Everyday Struggle’ co-host.KC Orcutt