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NOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Janelle MonaeThe singer talks her new album, Michael Jackson and Beyonce, the evolution of the word 'bitch' and more.Revolt42:14J. Cole weighs in on Soundcloud rappers, fatherhood, critics and more in new interview"If you feel offended, then that means something rings true, something struck a chord. That's cool with me. That's all I ever want to do."REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Trae the Truth details his ban from Houston radio station The Box 97.9He's been in a nearly decades-long dispute with Radio One.Revolt02:35Jim Jones on maturing: "Aggression has put me in a lot of situations that wasn't always good"The rapper reflects on his son and new goals.Shaheem ReidBe the master of your fate: Europe Angelique's stealth industry successA manager and PR specialist by trade, Angelique has also jump-started the careers of artists we celebrate and introduced the next crop of stars.Dev T. SmithNOW PLAYINGInterview | King Vader talks going viral, building on his career, and moreKing Vader details wanting to develop his career outside of social media, incorporating music and dancing in his content, and going viral.Revolt03:52Interwoven: David Butler is honoring disposable mediums by bucking digital normsHis 'Analogue Luxury' brand produces fine art, home goods, and merchandise inspired by old photography practices.Kamylle EdwardsJim Jones reveals plans for Diplomat tour and album, weighs in on Juelz Santana"It's unfortunate what happened to Juelz in the midst of what we were doing. Now we're just re-grouping back to the studio [to] pick the best music and release...Shaheem ReidNOW PLAYINGInterview | Jim JonesDuring a Facebook Live session, the Dipset member talks his first million dollars, the 'King of New York' title, his new album, and reuniting with his crew.Revolt24:11Meek Mill talks controversial case judge, importance of voting on CNNThe rapper also weighs in on the recent Starbucks controversy.REVOLT TVNOW PLAYINGMark Jackson talks the New York Knicks, his son’s work as a producerThe former point guard and coach talks about the future of his hometown team.Revolt00:54NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Kash Doll talks feeling "free," growing up, and moving forward"Having your dreams on hold with a piece of paper was just so crazy to me. It was a learning process."Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Kash Doll has a message for her new fans"Some people take [my lyrics] as motivation, some people take it as, 'Oh, she's arrogant,' but..."Revolt01:00Kanye West reveals plans for philosophy book, talks design with Axel VervoordtYeezy is beginning a new chapter, literally.KC OrcuttNOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | Kash Doll says there's "room for all" female rappers"It's room for Future, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne to be able to make money and slap hands on stage; why we can't?"Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGInsider Access | E.P.M.D. celebrate launch of new sampling simplifying service TracklibLeading clearance agent Deborah Mannis-Gardner and Tommy Boy label founderRevolt03:47Sophia Body addresses Beyhive attack and sheds light on the robbing of ex-boyfriend Safaree The 'Love & Hip Hop' newbie clarifies her accidental Beyoncé insult and offers suggestions on how to keep Safaree safe.Drea OppanNOW PLAYINGInterview | Sophia Body on Safaree's robbery and her accidental Beyoncé insultThe 'Love & Hip Hop' newbie offers suggestions on how to keep Safaree safe and tries to make right with the BeyHive.Revolt04:40NOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Vic Mensa offers possible solutions to Chicago's violence and povertyThe rapper details how investments and gun control in the face of a "tyrannical government" can make a difference.Revolt01:47NOW PLAYINGREVOLT News | G-Eazy gets candid about the importance of being "creatively vulnerable""I think sometimes we put artists on a pedestal like they're superheroes, but we're just people."Revolt01:00NOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Murda Beatz details the "Toronto sound" and why Drake's "Nice for What" is "setting the bar"The producer also explains why it was difficult for him to break into the hip-hop scene in Canada.Revolt03:06NOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Bow WowThe rapper talks his time signed to Death Row, tweets on suicide, relationships with Chris Brown and Jermaine Dupri, and more.Revolt1:03:21NOW PLAYINGInsider Access | A Tribe Called Quest unveil Vans collaborationWe caught up with Jarobi and Consequence at New York's Foot Locker in Times Square.Revolt02:23NOW PLAYINGInterview | Nya LeeThe rapper talks relationship with Rick Ross, comparisons to Cardi B, the hard parts of motherhood, and why she wants to share her voice.Revolt08:03