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I Guess... | The resilience of Rita OraHas it been decided by some invisible cognoscenti that she's not allowed to flourish in America? Whatever the case, I salute her for continuing to push forward...Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Ariana Grande did what Taylor Swift couldn'tNo shade. While Taylor's breakup anthems are filled with an "I'll show you!" final decree, Ari found peace in her chaos.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | 6ix9ine and the Halloween hypocritesYour opinion of Teka$hi can't suddenly vanish because you need something fun to wear. But, sure, I hope you win your little costume contest.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Are younger rappers the weaker species?We can learn a lot when various generations of rap fans are asked to label their faves based upon strength. In a recent meme, it was through dogs—but it could...Kathy IandoliI Guess… | On Lauryn Hill critics and Kanye West sympathizersKanye's outbursts don't somehow forgive Lauryn's negligence of her disappointed fans, but it does shed a light on the selective understanding as it pertains to...Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Let's not call Drake a creep just yetThe friendship between Drizzy and Millie Bobby Brown is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, despite him not giving us a reason to believe it's anything...Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Kanye West is going to ruin Instagram for all of usHis account is SO Kanye West-y, and yet it's not Kanye enough. If you want to show us another side of you, post your breakfast like us mere mortals do.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Wake me up when September endsNicki vs. Cardi, Nas' rebuttal, the loss of Mac Miller...if this is how we're kicking off the last four months of 2018, then I'm good luv, enjoy.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Eminem is King of the WorldDespite all his success, the rapper's still super-sensitive to critique. Plus, here are 5 things that 'Kamikaze' taught us.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Guys, Tupac would've hated millennialsTupac created poignant works that were mostly devoid of feelings, while XXXTentacion and Lil Peep crafted music drenched in the feels. This is where the cosign...Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Lil' Kim's "fragility," Nicki Minaj’s "ego," blah blah blahNicki is often seen as the bully and Kim as the frail victim, but let's stop acting like they're both not tough as nails and that they do this shit for sport.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | 6ix9ine, "The Hero"We're witnessing an artist who came out the gate with a bad rap sheet and is still making strides—which doesn't say much about our moral compasses, but...Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Hip-Hop's love/hate relationship with Chance The RapperChance has neither done something so amazing to keep him permanently lifted nor something so awful to stage a protest. He's just out here flourishing.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Kiki, Mahbed, and Drake’s meme rap careerThe intent to make a well-rounded song is gone; now your favorite artist is giving you 15 seconds so some Instagram farmer will uproot it and grow it across...Kathy Iandoli