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Fans react to Meek Mill's 'Championships' album finally droppingThe Philadelphia rapper's fourth studio album is here!REVOLT TV10 R&B artists that bodied rap versesFrom Monica spitting on "So Gone" to Chris Brown delivering double-time on "Look At Me Now," only a few singers have proven capable of getting off a hot 16.Preezy Brown10 Aretha Franklin songs that inspired your favorite rap songsAs we mourn the loss of the Queen of Soul, we recall her influence on hip-hop from T.I.'s "Let's Get Away" to Slum Village's "Selfish," Kanye West's "School...Preezy BrownWho would have thought that hip-hop would take it this far?45 years after a Bronx bash helmed by DJ Kool Herc, hip-hop has become the No.1 genre in the world, with a culture that holds the most influence. Let's...Trey AlstonMaster Class: Tracing the distinct phases of hip-popFrom Debbie Harry's rap verse and LL Cool J's crossover, to Mariah Carey's collabs and Ashanti's catchy hooks, this is the journey of hip-hop and pop joining...Da’Shan SmithHip-hop is, now and always, changing the way fashion gets dressedWe talk to Misa Hylton about collaborating with MCM and Beyoncé, plus Dapper Dan, Virgil Abloh, and how the culture is staking its rightful claim in fashion.REVOLT TVWe've Got The Jazz: 10 legendary jazz musicians who left their imprint on hip-hopHip-hop's connection to jazz music is one that has helped bridge the gap between generations and resulted in some of the greatest beats rap has ever produced.Preezy BrownThe transcendence of Motown to modern music today What's hip-hop and R&B without the House That Gordy Built? Thankfully, we'll never know.Ralph BristoutA look at reggae's undoubtable influence on hip-hopHow dubbing, toasting, and upsetting became scratching, rapping, and sampling.Raheem VealBroke-shaming is necessary in (and a cornerstone of) hip-hopHip-hop utilizes wealth as inspiration and plants the seed that your reality isn't the one you're supposed to be living in. Don't get offended though.Trey AlstonRock music's influence on the live performances and lifestyles of rap is absoluteFrom Run-DMC to Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' to Rae Sremmurd, rap continues to revolutionize the role of the rock star.Preezy BrownRap and basketball's longtime friendship is built on mutual respect and similar paths to successBoth are often viewed as the easiest and truest escape from the black man in America's plight, though achieving those dreams are quite literally one-in-a...Bansky GonzalezJ. Cole and Lil Pump: A brief look at rap's most sensationalized "beef"The two have been sharing (way too many) headlines in recent months.Ralph BristoutA brief history of hip-hop and the art world collidingDiddy's history-making purchase is a sign of hip-hop's continued impact on all facets of society on a global level.Preezy BrownHow Lil B became a tastemaker in hip-hop (despite trolling the culture for over a decade)As he sits upon his perch, showing love to the new generation and giving away free art, the mystique that he came into the game with has all but evaporated.Trey AlstonThe women of Rolling Loud Miami are proof of progressMusic festivals usually fail to feature women prominently, but we've got a playlist to celebrate Rolling Loud's line-up and properly get you pumped.Danielle CheesmanTy Dolla Sign and 21 Savage aren't the only hip-hop heads obsessed with "Clout"The measure of influence is either a badge of honor or an easy, easy target. A corny fixation or a magnetic allure.Danielle CheesmanDesiigner, Cardi B, and why some artists can't escape the shadow of their first hitsSuccessful splashes can envelop artists' careers, ultimately *becoming* them instead of adding to their mystery.Trey AlstonMen Lie, Women Lie, Streams Don't: How streaming numbers confirm that lyricism still mattersWhile "mumble rap" may have the blogs in a death grip, rap entrenched in lyricism is what the public lusts over, evident in their lucrative sales.Trey AlstonWhat Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize in music means for hip-hopWhen we consider the ways in which high art and pop art have been historically racialized, this award is not only revolutionary, it is a moment of overdue...REVOLT TVHip-Hop's 30-and-over age barrier is slowly erodingSure, there's a surplus of "lil's," but "old" rappers are the tastemakers, gatekeepers, and mediators that protect the culture while citizens sleep.Trey AlstonLil Xan, Tupac, and hip-hop's (seemingly unforgiving) generational barriers Traditional hip-hop is refusing to accept exploration, while also failing to acknowledge that this same experimentation is what created the aspect of the...Trey AlstonRolling Loud festival receives co-sign from Ric Flair in new promotional videoThe legendary wrestler shouts out Offset and Cardi B.KC OrcuttBefore it went mainstream, hip-hop endorsed anime firstHip-hop artists often identify with the tenants of anime that hit home with them: creativity, individualism, and oppression.Trey Alston