election 2016
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@FactsOnly | How the Electoral College picked the presidentBasically, the Founding Fathers didn’t trust "the people" to be informed enough to get it right.REVOLT 2 Vote 3 reasons why Trump as president isn't as bad as you think Guys, we swear there's a bright side.REVOLT TVDonald Trump Wins Election, Becomes 45th President Of The United StatesHillary Clinton has called him to concede the race.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGInsider Access | The "Youth Gets It Done" RallyPusha T, T.I., Gucci Mane, Jay Electronica and more on why young people exercising their right to vote is a necessity this election.Revolt02:51@FactsOnly | How to watch today's election resultsWhat do we mean when we say "key states"? This explainer will help you follow along and get a jumpstart on knowing who won.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Master P on 2016 Election: "I don't know whether we win either way we go"P echoes the sentiments of many as the nation rushes to the poll on Election Day.Revolt01:13YG delivers free "F--k Donald Trump" bagels in Compton Just in time for Election Day.Ralph BristoutNOW PLAYINGInsider Access | Jay Z's GOTV concert for Hillary ClintonJ. Cole, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, and Beyoncé join Jay Z in a star-studded concert for the presidential candidate.Revolt01:00Watch "Here's Voting," our special on the power of the voteThe system is flawed, but it's built upon the participation of its people.REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | "Here's Voting"Open your eyes and see what's at stake in the voting booth.Revolt22:02NOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote | Fake ads circulate to vote via textPSA: You can NOT vote through text messages, but Hillary supporters are being targeted by fake ads.Revolt01:00Make your prediction here: Who do you think will win the election?Come November 8, will we "Make America great again" or be "Stronger together"?REVOLT 2 VoteNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 Vote Presents | Voices of the Future: Celebrity EditionRemy Ma, OG Maco, and Chaz French join Amrit Singh to recap the highlights, controversies, and key takeaways from the 2016 presidential debates.Revolt00:30NOW PLAYINGThe Artistic Alliance for Justice says "The fight for justice is in your hands"Megan Good, DeVon Franklin, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Cedric the Entertainer, and more want to make sure you go vote November 8.Revolt02:21@FactsOnly | How to vote earlyElection day is November 8, but in some states you can cast your vote right now. Here's what you need to know.REVOLT 2 VoteMetro Boomin says his anti-Trump concert doesn’t mean he’s pro-Hillary ClintonSo who does Young Metro trust?Justin CarissimoNOW PLAYINGREVOLT 2 VOTE | Here's how to cast your vote earlyREVOLT Chief Political Correspondent Amrit Singh breaks down the process of early voting.Revolt01:30NOW PLAYINGInsider Access | Usher encourages Atlanta residents to vote early"This position comes with great responsibility," Usher said.Revolt01:45Eminem bashes Donald Trump and his supporters on “Campaign Speech”The eight-minute track references everyone from Trayvon Martin to Colin Kaepernick and Dylann Roof.Justin CarissimoBeing buried alive, praying for a lifelineSpecial to REVOLT: Federal inmate Trenton Copeland shares his story of being sentenced to life in prison due to mandatory minimums.REVOLT TVBeyoncé closes the Tidal X: 1015 concert by urging young people to voteThe superstar told the audience to "get in formation" and vote.REVOLT 2 VoteA frustrated Remy Ma explains why she hasn't been more vocal about the election"The prison system is a corporation; it is driven by monetary gain," Remy wrote on Instagram, while explaining that she does not have the right to vote.Driadonna RolandNOW PLAYINGReal Talk | Lil Wayne gives his thoughts on the presidential debate and Colin KaepernickThe rapper compares the debate to "hip-hop beef" and says the QB needs to get his weight up.Revolt02:21@FactsOnly | The second debate was a depressing tabloid You had one candidate with nothing to lose, and one playing it safe, and that dynamic was deeply unsettling.REVOLT 2 Vote