charlamagne the god
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NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Kathy GriffinThe comedian apologizes for "decapitated" Donald Trump photo.Revolt06:06NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Amar'e StoudemireThe basketball player says he would avoid gay teammate.Revolt04:55NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Valentine's Day hatersCharlamagne says don't be a joykill on Valentine's Day.Revolt06:36NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Rob SchneiderSchneider thought he'd explain the historical significance of MLK to John Lewis.Revolt04:21NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Pastor David GrishamThe Texas pastor tells children Santa Claus is not real.Revolt06:33NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Soulja BoySoulja Boy threatens Quavo with AK-47 and gets in a rap feud with Shia LaBeouf.Revolt06:08NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Olexander TurinThe Ukrainian man changed his name to 'iPhone 7.'Revolt05:12NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Cheryl CheathamPhoenix grandmother caught with $500k worth of cocaine.Revolt03:22NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Tristan RettkeTennessee student wears gorilla mask to BLM protest.Revolt03:51NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Lester Holt hatersWhy did presidential debate viewers criticized Holt?Revolt02:52NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Listeners call in to name their Donkey of the DayCallers give Donkey of the Day to Charlamagne, Matt Ryan and others.Revolt02:34NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Roy HibbertThe Lakers player tweets about San Bernardino shooting, and it doesn't go well.Revolt03:23NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | CNNThe news site describes Freddie Gray as the 'son of an illiterate heroin addict.'Revolt02:52NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Jae Millz"I know how sensitive these rappers are, they're worse than chicks." - Charlamagne the GodRevolt06:28NOW PLAYINGRumor Report | Twitter beef between Mack Maine and CharlamagneJae Millz also responds to Charlamagne's comments on Wayne’s 'No Ceilings 2.'Revolt03:13NOW PLAYINGDonkey of the Day | Don LemonThe journalist says he could've been like Malcolm X.Revolt04:17NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Charlamagne Tha God's New TV Show "Uncommon Sense"Starring Desus Nice and The Kid Mero.Revolt16:52NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Lindsay LohanThe starlet had a reposting mishap on social media.Revolt03:15