cartoon tutor babi
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NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When autocorrect changes your textTutor suffers from one unfortunate mishap after another while trying to text a woman.Revolt00:52NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo Zuber driver make you wanna fight himTutor and his driver fail to see eye-to-eye on everything, ultimately making Tutor miss his booty call.Revolt00:59NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When the ice cream machine always downDenied ice cream one too many times, Tutor finally confronts a drive-thru employee about their broken machine.Revolt00:56NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When you first meet yo baby mama vs. two years laterTwo years makes a big difference, and Tutor and his BM aren't loving each other like they used to.Revolt00:45NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | How dudes flip the scriptTutor Babi gets caught in a lie when his privacy's invaded, but his shocked reaction may not be genuine.Revolt01:01NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo girl get mad and tell yo businessAfter trying to embarrass her in front of his friend, Tutor Babi's girl exposes his deepest secrets.Revolt00:47NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When the teacher asks you to readTutor Babi struggles in GED class, but not for long.Revolt00:54NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When somebody don't answerTutor Babi catches a woman avoiding his calls (twice). Yikes.Revolt00:58NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When you try to buy a cigarello without your IDTutor Babi makes a case for himself, but a convenience store cashier won't budge.Revolt01:01NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo mama make you take yo younger siblingTutor Babi literally becomes his brother's keeper after his mother sets some ground rules.Revolt00:45Cartoon Tutor BabiChronicling the daily struggles of Shreveport’s local rapper.