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NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Premiere | Doughboy: "Break Da Knob"Watch the world premier of Doughboy's "Break Da Knob".Revolt04:05NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Mo'Nique Clears The Air On Lee Daniels, Her New Indie Film And MoreMonqiue stops by the "Breakfast Club" to talk her new film, "Blackbird."Revolt18:52NOW PLAYINGPromos | Scarface on Breakfast ClubScarface dishes on who currently inspires him in hip-hop and shoots down rumors about a Future beef.Revolt00:56NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Scarface Visits The Breakfast ClubScarface talks Geto Boys, his book, a deep talk with DMX and more.Revolt18:48NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora Visit The Breakfast ClubHamilton and Ora talks about their collaboration, his past controversies and her role in "50 Shades of Grey."Revolt24:31NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Charles Hamilton Speaks On Being Punched In The Face By His Ex During A Rap BattleHamilton opens up about the infamous incident involving his ex.Revolt02:01NOW PLAYINGDonkey Of The Day | Nathan SellersSellers accused his wife of sleeping with Wu-Tang during their divorce proceedings.Revolt04:47NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Ciara Confronts Charlamagne's Comments About HerCiara says Charlamagne goes too far and needs to show some balance.Revolt02:01NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Ciara Addresses Jermaine Dupri's Comments On 'I Bet' Being A Rip Off And Speak On Tamar's CommentsCiara says she doesn't "have time to sweat stuff" since having a child.Revolt01:59NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Ciara Stops By The Breakfast Club To Discuss Her FutureCiara talks about her breakup with Future and their child.Revolt01:29NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Ciara Visits The Breakfast ClubCiara stops by to talk her beef with Charlamagne, her child, breakup with Future and more.Revolt18:57NOW PLAYINGPromo | Breakfast ClubCheck out "The Breakfast Club" for interviews with hip-hop's A-listers.Revolt00:30NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Kendrick Reveals How He Attained Rare Tupac AudioThe "Breakfast Club" crew talk to Kendrick about how he obtained rare audio of a Tupac interview.Revolt01:32NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Kendrick Lamar Is ' Loyal To The Soil ' Mentions His Engagement And LoyaltyLamar says at the end of the day, "you want real people around you."Revolt01:13NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Jocedi Talks About Infamous Video Of JoJo Passing Out On StageJoJo says he hoped someone would come help him up, but no one ever came over.Revolt02:01NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | K-Ci From Jodeci Speaks On Dating Mary J. BligeK-Ci speaks on his long relationship with Mary J. Blige.Revolt00:34NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Kendrick Lamar Talks 'TPAB,' New Engagement With The Breakfast ClubLamar discusses his new record, engagement and more with the "Breakfast Club" crew.Revolt18:23NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Wale Talks About His Friendship with SeinfeldWale says he could make "two more albums based off the stuff" he talked about with Seinfeld.Revolt00:34NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Wale on The Breakfast ClubBC_040115_ReCapPromo_v3Revolt01:16NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Wale Talks About His White ShoesWale says "it aint about what you're doing, it's about how you're looking."Revolt01:57NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Jodeci Visits The Breakfast Club (Full Interview)Jodeci talks Mary J. Blige, their new album and more with the "Breakfast Club" crew.Revolt21:22NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Wale Visits The Breakfast Club (Full Interview)Wale talks Jerry Seinfeld, his new album and dating.Revolt21:30NOW PLAYINGMario Performs "Break Up" On 'REVOLT Live'Mario stopped by the REVOLT Live stage to perform his new single "Break Up."Revolt03:00NOW PLAYINGBreakfast Club | Black Enterprise magazine offer spending advice for Valentine's DayBlack Enterprise gives tips on Valentine's Day and managing your money.Revolt18:45