amanda seales
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NOW PLAYINGAmanda Seales talks comedy tour, relationships, music and more | 'The Breakfast Club'The comedian paid a visit to "The Breakfast Club" to discuss touring, her love life and more. Check out the conversation here!Revolt42:38NOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Amanda Seales (FULL INTERVIEW)The comedian/actress talks HBO special 'I Be Knowin' and real life stories behind her comedy.Revolt1:00:39Amanda Seales discusses Russell Simmons and colorism with ‘The Breakfast Club’The actress/comedian from 'Insecure' talks about sexual assault and harassment allegations against Russell Simmons, colorism in Hollywood, and more.Kai AcevedoNOW PLAYING'The Breakfast Club' | Amanda SealesThe multi-talent talks Russell Simmons, colorism, and more.Revolt55:56NOW PLAYINGRumor Report | Amanda Seales says Russell Simmons asked her an inappropriate questionThe 'Insecure' actress took to social media to tell her own story about Simmons.Revolt01:53NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Unlocked | Amanda Seales (Full Interview)Although she appears as Tiffany Dubois on HBO’s Insecure, Amanda Seales is anything but uncertain. Following her recent relocation from Harlem, New York to Los...Revolt09:24NOW PLAYINGREVOLT Unlocked | Amanda SealesMore than a comedienne...Revolt09:24REVOLT Unlocked | Amanda Seales talks developing her own blueprintFinding success on her own terms.niki m.