REVOLT LIVELive daily show fueled by social media covering all things trending in music, fashion & culture.Weekdays7p ET / 4p PT

Live daily show fueled by social media covering all things trending in music, fashion & culture. Featuring DJ Damage, Amrit Singh, Hannah Rad, & Lawrence Jackson, with guest artists, celebs, and social media influencers, tackling hot button topics.

--FACTS ONLY: REVOLT’s Chief Political Correspondent and resident attorney Amrit Singh will give viewers a breakdown of the current political and legal landscape.

--THE LAW TODAY: Always in the know on all things music, sports & pop culture, REVOLT's Lifestyle guru Lawrence Jackson will break down the laws on what's trending today.

--TOTAL RADNESS: Hannah Rad will be the first to break concert and festival news, and she’s got the inside scoop on the biggest, baddest, freshest and raddest emerging and established artists.

--DAMAGING THE STREETS: Damage will give viewers a firsthand look at video clips that are impacting social media and the millennial culture.

--The SQUAD: “As it’s happening news” will be fed live from a small group.

--The “Millennial Mob” – inside the studio directly to the REVOLT Live co-hosts during each show.

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