Cartoon Tutor Babi

Chronicling the daily struggles of Shreveport’s local rapper.WeeklyREVOLT.tv

This is a series of animated narrative, featuring Cartoon Tutor Babi, an original creation of Robrick Evans' in his own likeness and using his voice for the main character. Each week Tutor will take on a different struggle

More from Cartoon Tutor BabiNOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When you let somebody hold yo phone chargerWhen "what percent you on?" goes wrong.Revolt00:50NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo card gets declinedTutor's card gets repeatedly declined, by an unfortunately loud convenience store employee.Revolt00:58NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When autocorrect changes your textTutor suffers from one unfortunate mishap after another while trying to text a woman.Revolt00:52NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When the ice cream machine always downDenied ice cream one too many times, Tutor finally confronts a drive-thru employee about their broken machine.Revolt00:56NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When you first meet yo baby mama vs. two years laterTwo years makes a big difference, and Tutor and his BM aren't loving each other like they used to.Revolt00:45NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | How dudes flip the scriptTutor Babi gets caught in a lie when his privacy's invaded, but his shocked reaction may not be genuine.Revolt01:01NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo girl get mad and tell yo businessAfter trying to embarrass her in front of his friend, Tutor Babi's girl exposes his deepest secrets.Revolt00:47NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When the teacher asks you to readTutor Babi struggles in GED class, but not for long.Revolt00:54NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When somebody don't answerTutor Babi catches a woman avoiding his calls (twice). Yikes.Revolt00:58NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When you try to buy a cigarello without your IDTutor Babi makes a case for himself, but a convenience store cashier won't budge.Revolt01:01NOW PLAYING'Cartoon Tutor Babi' | When yo mama make you take yo younger siblingTutor Babi literally becomes his brother's keeper after his mother sets some ground rules.Revolt00:45