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Rick Ross Reflects On Buying Evander Holyfield's Mansion

Rick Ross Reflects On Buying Evander Holyfield's Mansion

The MMG boss dishes on his most recent major-league purchase.


Rick Ross Reflects On Buying Evander Holyfield's Mansion

Everybody needs a little inspiration, and rap mogul Rick Ross is a stern believer in the age-old proverb: a little motivation goes a long way. 

Whether it’s his nothing-to-something aggrandizement in music or his multiple (and steady piling) business ventures, you can call Ross the bearer of motivation these days, inspiring millions of aspirants through success.

On Pusha T’s “Hold On,” he stimulates that notion with the rhyme, “We were born to be kings, only major league teams,” which could pretty much summarize his decision behind purchasing the biggest single-family home in all of Georgia recently. 

“I wanted to buy that property for years,” the Bawse tells REVOLT about the 109-room mansion he purchased, after its former owner, ex-boxer Evander Holyfield, lost it to foreclosure.

Equipped with a bowling alley, handball court, movie theater, softball field, tennis court, seven-stall horse barn, and what is pitched as one of the largest pool in the United States (over 350,000 gallons of water) along with a dining room that sits about 100 guests, Ross’ new abode is something anyone would be quick to brag, boast and stunt on Instagram about. But to Rozay, it’s more than just purchasing a new spacious crib—even if it is one of Atlanta’s main attractions. 

“If you a person like me, that’s inspired by certain things, I just felt like me acquiring that property is me really speaking to some kids and giving them that same passion and they’re looking in my eyes and me telling them, ‘Yo, this is real,'” he says. 

“I feel like somebody needs to see that. Somebody needs that inspiration. So, we’re going to open the doors to the kids of New Orleans, from Atlanta, from Miami and open their minds a little bit,” adds Ross. Needless to say, we're waiting for our invite.