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De La Soul Speak On Michael Dunn, Giving Catalogue Away For Free

Posdnous and Dave of De La Skyped into the REVOLT Live studio yesterday afternoon.


De La Soul Speak On Michael Dunn, Giving Catalogue Away For Free

Yesterday, hip-hop legends Posdnous and Dave of De La Soul (sans DJ Maseo) joined REVOLT Live via Skype to speak with REVOLT's own Amrit Singh about a number of topics, including the murder of Jordan Davis and the results of Michael Dunn’s trial, their free album giveaway, and some of their favorite new musicians.

Pos and Dave echoed the sentiments of many within the hip-hop community, criticizing Stand Your Ground laws (which are in effect in some 23 U.S. states) and saying that the circumstances surrounding the killing of Jordan Davis are nothing new, and that his murder reflects a larger problem with society as a whole.

On the topic of their free album giveaway, Pos commented that the decision was made as a way to show appreciation to the fan base they’ve built over the course of a quarter century—and as a way to circumvent legal issues surrounding the collage of samples employed throughout their catalogue which has prevented their music from being available on popular digital mediums such as iTunes and Spotify.

The MC duo also known as Plug One and Plug Two said they were excited about break out acts like Chance The Rapper and that keeping a youthful spirit is the key to longevity.

De La Soul is set to embark on a major tour this year, leading up to the release of a brand new album, You’re Welcome. The first single released from the album is “Get Away” (featuring The Spirit of Wu-Tang).