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Producer Key Wane Speaks On Making Drake's “All Me"

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Yet again, Drake reiterated his dominance over hip-hop this week when he released his latest summer banger, “All Me,” featuring guest verses from Big Sean and 2 Chainz. While the song finds the OVO star once again documenting his meteoric rise “from the bottom,” it also serves as a coming-out party for the track’s producer Key Wane. At 22-years-old, Wane (born Dwane Weir), has crafted cuts like Meek Mill’s “Amen” and has been Big Sean’s go-to producer since his Finally Famous mixtape run. But how exactly did Wane end up working on Drake’s new hit? Well, it all started back in March, the Detroit native told REVOLT less than 24 hours after the track hit the Internet. Apparently, it all came together in Los Angeles, where Wane was working on Sean’s forthcoming sophomore album. He says, “We was in the studio finishing up [work] on Hall of Fame, it was like 1 or 2 a.m. and I was going through some samples and I had found [one] that I chopped up months ago.” Wane continues, “When I chop certain samples up I may not find the exact idea for [it] right then and there, so that night I figured out where to go with it and I just started working with it.” Soon after completing the song’s backdrop, Wane thought about the perfect person to rip it. “I made it the day before I sent it to Drake [and] had played it for a few people, and [they] was vibing with it. At that point, I was really trying to think about who I was going to send it to [and] thought, ‘Shit I actually think this n-gga Drake could kill this shit.’ So I sent it to him.” As soon as he fired off the beat, Wane received an abrupt reply that would end up changing his life. He remembers, “Like 20 minutes later he hit me back like, 'Bro, yo we killed this s*** Me and Chainz on this b**** snapping'." I was like, 'Damn!’ [Laughs].” He goes on, “I was trying to remember the progression of the day, 'cause it was the same day, I sent it to him and he hit me right back. I can't remember the exact chain of events but I know he hit me back right away and was like, 'Niggas is ripping on this bitch.'” After getting confirmation from Drake that he’d hopped on the beat, Wane relayed the message to Sean, who was also in the studio that day, and from there the “Fire” rapper “wrote a crazy verse to it.” Wane even remembers saying, “This is about to be some crazy shit,” to himself at the time. Still, even as everything came together quickly, there were still some kinks that had to be worked out on the record—like the hook for one. “A couple weeks later, I know [Drake] was trying to put it out but I know it wasn't finished. He didn't have an idea for the hook that was solid yet. He had a lot of dope ideas but we was still trying to find the perfect hook for [the record],” explains the producer. Suddenly, one morning after both sides were tossing out ideas, Wane had an epiphany. “Man I woke up one morning, it was like 6 a.m., and started listening to the beat, cause the beat was originally just the loop and basically the verse but I added more instrumentation to the intro, and I thought of this idea for the hook that was like, [starts singing] 'I got everything, I can not complain' and then I was like, ‘Oh sh-t I'ma send this to Drake.’ So I sent it to him and that was it; the song was ready to come out.” Fast forward to this week, when Wednesday night cracked into Thursday morning and the track finally came out, causing a frenzy online and whetting the appetites of fans eagerly anticipating Drizzy’s new album, Nothing Was The Same (September 17). The new single arrives just days before Drake touches the stage for his fourth annual OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday, August 5. While the festival's first day was cancelled after co-headliner Frank Ocean was forced to pull out of the performance due to a vocal cord tear, Monday’s show will feature performances from James Blake, Wale, and of course Drake.