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Lou Reed, Legendary Rock Musician, Passes Away At 71

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“Sunday morning / Praise the dawning / It’s just a restless feeling by my side.” – The Velvet Underground Turntables around the world will spin that memorable track today in honor of a fallen musical legend. As Rolling Stone reports, Lou Reed, founder of The Velvet Underground and hugely influential solo artist, has passed away at 71 due to currently unknown causes. The news comes as a shock and surprise to fans who had hoped for Reed to be on his way to a full recovery from a liver transplant that forced a cancellation of his Coachella appearance and what would have been his final tour. “I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry. I am bigger and stronger than stronger than ever,” Reed said in a post-surgery statement, even then alluding to the fact that he hadn’t finished what he’d started. “I look forward to being on stage performing, and writing more songs to connect with your hearts and spirits and the universe well into the future.” Reed’s influence on the songwriting of countless artists over the last half-century is virtually immeasurable, and his presence and outspoken voice in the music community will be sorely missed. REVOLT's own Andy Harms of In Harms Way tells us, “Lou Reed's passing is devastating. You can't overstate his impact on art and culture over the 50 years – his influence has touched almost everything. Simply put – Lou Reed defined cool.” Meanwhile, Twitter is a mess of disbelief and sadness in light of the news; it’s truly a rare thing to see so many people moved by a single soul. Here we've collected a number of artists' and notable figures' thoughts below, and will keep you posted as the story develops. R.I.P. Lou, you’re forever a legend. i read this on a phone in the back of a cab and just kept hoping it was faked. Lou reed can't die. — Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) October 27, 2013
UPDATE: In a New York Times article published today, Dr. Charles Miller of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where Reed had received his liver transplant surgery earlier this year, revealed the musician's cause of death to be liver disease. Miller also revealed that Reed had been back at the Clinic receiving treatment until a few days ago, and did in fact pass away today in his home in Southampton, N.Y.