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Diddy Gives Back To Entrepreneurial Youth Via Partnership With NFTE

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Fresh off his re-coronation as rap’s King of Cash, Diddy proves he can give back as easily as he can earn it, announcing his continued support of the global non-profit, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a program that’s focused on providing entrepreneurship education to low-income youth. And let’s be real here, we at REVOLT, can certainly vouch that Mr. Combs knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. In a press release posted today, the man himself weighed in on the multi-tiered endeavor, saying, "I am honored to partner with NFTE on this initiative because I am extremely proud of the work they do every day, helping over 500,000 young people reach their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs." "I believe all young people should be given the opportunity to be successful and to pursue their passions and NFTE gives all kids the tools they need to be the CEOs of their future,” he added. By now however, the mogul has long-since been involved with the program, as his Sean John brand recently sponsored NFTE’s annual World Series Of Innovation, giving kids a chance at a little practical application by challenging them to design a mobile app which would allow consumers to interact with their favorite designer brands through social networks. Also, if you’ve ever wanted your own shot at squeezing in a brainstorming session with Combs himself, you’ll have the opportunity to do that with, as for the second time Diddy is offering himself up via the organization’s Dare To Dream auction. The winner will wield the opportunity to be mentored by Diddy and his senior leadership team across his multiple successful brands. As if that wasn’t enough, Combs Enterprises will also host the second annual intern Entrepreneurship Education Day, which is set to “ignite interns to tap into their own ingenuity and passion and to encourage them to create solutions within their community or within the marketplace.” And judging by his Instagram the dude is taking it pretty seriously. Get more info on NFTE here.
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