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Angel Haze's Debut Sells Just Over A Thousand Copies


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Angel Haze's Debut Sells Just Over A Thousand Copies

Earlier this week, rumors started swirling about the monstrous loss Angel Haze suffered after deciding to rush-release her debut album, Dirty Gold. After months of fighting with her label - Island/Republic Records - Haze took to her personal Soundcloud to leak her own album, prompting the label to put out the LP before year's end, in accord with Haze's wishes.

Angel Haze Leaks Debut Album, Says 'Fuck You' To Label

Releasing a new album on December 30, however, just as Haze and her label did, proved to be a death wish of sorts, as the majority of album sales from the past week have gone to either yearlong high-sellers (Drake, Lorde, Eminem, Miley Cyrus) or recently-released offerings from major artists (R. Kelly, Beyonce). Haze falls in neither category, and so, her Dirty Gold bombed pretty hard.

Things seemed dire when there was talk of Haze somehow selling less than a 1,000 copies of her album, but yesterday it became clear that she'd sold 857 copies, only in the U.K., which is also pretty rough considering her close kinship with London and her regular performances across the pond. Still, the moment of truth came earlier today, when the U.S. Billboard charts surfaced, and they don't look much better for the rapper-singer.

According to Billboard, Haze's Dirty Gold sold a mind-numbingly low 1,115 copies in its first week available, including just 187 copies on its first official day out. And while these numbers are sure to bump up in the coming weeks, especially since critics across the board have been pretty positive about the eclectic 12-track offering (which includes no features besides a hook from songwriting powerhouse Sia), it's a bit shocking how much Haze's gamble didn't pay off.

As it turns out, releasing an album the day before New Year's Eve is a bad idea. Either way, take a look at Haze's explanation for the early leak below.